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Assist Support for NA LCS Kill Leaders

Behind every carry there are helpful teammates; behind most kills, there are assists.

The tables below show where the assists came from for the three AD carries and three mid laners who had the most kills in the NA LCS 2016 summer regular season.


ad carry kill leaders teammate participation

Doublelift received more help than the other two players from his support, Biofrost, with Bio helping on 85% of Doublelift’s kills. Surprisingly, Bjergsen only assisted on 62% of Doublelift’s kills. Part of that is because the TSM duo lane created lots of kills all on their own (Doublelift had 14 kills where Biofrost was the only assist, compared to 9 each for the other two ADC/support pairings in this graphic).

By comparison, WildTurtle and Sneaky both received more help from their junglers and top laners. In particular, Impact was very helpful in providing assists on Sneaky’s kills, while Pobelter did a lot to help WildTurtle.


mid lane kill leaders teammate participation

Jensen was the overall kill leader of the NA LCS this split, and also had the highest ratio of solo kills among the three mid lane kill leaders. He synced with Sneaky on a lot of kills, getting more assists from Sneaky than the other two mid laners got from their ADCs.

Pobelter’s jungler and support stacked up a lot of assists on his kills, with Reignover’s support of Pobelter being much higher than the help Meteos, and especially Svenskeren, gave to Jensen and Bjergsen, respectively.

Across the board, Bjergsen had low assist rates from his teammates, relative to Jensen and Pobelter. This suggests that Bjergsen did more of his own work, and that more of his kills came from smaller engagements, where his kills would come with only one or two assists rather than three or four.

NA LCS Power Rankings – Part II

In part two of my NA LCS offseason report cards and power rankings, I’m counting down the five strongest teams in North America, from 5 to 1.

I’ll rate the quality of each team’s offseason moves, provide a target to aim for in the Spring split, and break down my reasoning.

For part one, which covers teams 6 to 10, check out Monday’s article.

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NA LCS FINALS: CLG vs TSM Statistical Talking Points

The NA LCS Finals between Counter Logic Gaming and Team SoloMid could largely be a story of early-game vs. late-game. CLG has been a much stronger early-game team than TSM, but TSM has always made up for that weakness with their late-game execution. The statistics that follow are largely focused on this narrative.

All statistics reflect the entire 2015 Summer split (regular season, tiebreakers, and playoffs to date), unless otherwise specified. Continue reading NA LCS FINALS: CLG vs TSM Statistical Talking Points