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Game Changers: The Keys To Winning

This article has been prepared by John “TheEsportsPlug” George, an esports daily fantasy player, bettor, and former professional poker player.

During this period before the World Championships begin, a lot of people will be doing a list of the best players to attend the tournament. You’ll see top 10 lists, top 20 lists, and even top 50 lists all putting in a thought on the best players at the event. Normally I’d do the same, but I’ve decided to try something just a little different this year. Rather than trying to figure out the 20 best players, I’ve fashioned a list of the twenty biggest game-changers.

What I mean by “game-changer” is a player who can single-handedly lift their team to the next level. They may not be the best players in the world, or even the best players on their team, but these are the players that will have to elevate to the next level if championship dreams are going to become a reality for their squads. These players can make or break a matchup, and if any of these players’ teams wins Worlds I’m going to bet that these are the guys who made the difference. The guys who changed the game.

#20 Levi (GAM Esports)

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