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LoL’s Advanced Stats Problem – Cody Gerard

The following article was contributed by Cody Gerard.

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If you’re a League of Legends stathead like me—and let’s face it, if you’re reading this article then you are!—you’ve probably wondered why there’s such a lack of reliable, useful advanced metrics and statistics in League of Legends. On the surface, everything about League of Legends should lend itself to this. After all, it is a game that, in many ways, is all about maximizing value and efficiency, the things which most advanced stats in traditional sports are designed to measure, and yet by and large League of Legends lacks those advanced stats.

When I first started trying to write this article, that was the problem I was endeavoring to solve. I wanted to create, at the very least, an outline for a stat designed to give an overarching valuation of an individual player, something similar to baseball’s Wins Above Replacement (WAR) or Weighted Runs Created Plus (wRC+). Continue reading LoL’s Advanced Stats Problem – Cody Gerard

Mid Lane Teleport: Strategy and Win Conditions

In professional League of Legends, Teleport has seen occasional use in the Mid lane for years. But towards the end of the 2015 Summer split it gained more and more popularity, becoming a fairly regular feature in the playoffs and Regional tournaments. In this article, we’ll explore the effects of bringing Teleport in the Mid lane by looking at TP Mid’s “win conditions”, including how the early game plays out and what the late game looks like. Through a variety of statistical evidence, we’ll see why TP Mid is much more effective when it is used aggressively in the early game, not defensively, and why it is reliant on mid-game gold leads to produce wins.

Warning: this is a long one. Feel free to skim through for the important bolded sentences, or scroll through to the end of the article for a quick recap of the main findings and arguments!


1. The Recent Rise of TP Mid
2. Strategic Perspectives
3. Play Style
4. The Early Game
5. The Late Game
6. Conclusions

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