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NA LCS Semi-Final 2 Preview: Team Solo Mid vs. Team Impulse, Head to Head

The largest fan base in the NA LCS belongs to TSM, but Team Impulse, formerly LMQ, has been winning over plenty of fans of their own with their skirmish-heavy, aggressive play style, epitomized by their jungler Rush, the former Korean solo queue star. Now the two teams are set to face off in the second Semifinal of the 2015 Spring playoffs.

There has been plenty of debate about TiP’s chances to dethrone the reigning IEM World Champions, and perhaps surprisingly, TiP is getting a lot of popular support, in some cases even being called the favourites to make it to the NA Finals. In this article we’ll apply some statistics to the TSM/TiP matchup and see who has the advantage role by role, as well as looking at some overall team stats.

These stats don’t tell the whole story, but they draw attention to some interesting facets of the players and teams which we might not otherwise notice. I’ve presented my interpretations based on these numbers, but as always, I encourage everyone to draw their own conclusions!

To see a similar statistical breakdown of the other Semifinal, showcasing Cloud9 vs. Team Liquid, head over to the previous article. Continue reading NA LCS Semi-Final 2 Preview: Team Solo Mid vs. Team Impulse, Head to Head

TSM Bjergsen: By-the-Numbers MVP?

Any debate about the best player in the NA LCS tends to include Team Solo Mid’s Bjergsen, the Danish import who came over at the start of the 2014 season to replace TSM’s owner, Reginald.

But aside from being a flashy playmaker on North America’s most popular team, what claim can Bjergsen make to the “best player” title? Let’s take a look at his 2015 spring split statistics so far (weeks 1 to 7). Continue reading TSM Bjergsen: By-the-Numbers MVP?