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Team Liquid and CLG can’t wait for a meta shift

The shifting tides of game balance are an inherent reality of League of Legends. While it’s true that the best players and teams in the world are able to flex themselves to fit the changing needs of the meta, it’s also true that certain metas are bound to favour certain teams over others. In North America, two teams currently find themselves on the wrong end of the spring meta: Team Liquid and Counter Logic Gaming are both sitting in the bottom half of the standings, underperforming most analysts’ preseason expectations.

While an eventual meta shift will benefit both teams, solutions have to come from within, and soon. If Liquid and CLG can’t learn to win more consistently now, in this meta, they may not have enough time left to climb the standings later in the season. Continue reading Team Liquid and CLG can’t wait for a meta shift

NA LCS Power Rankings – Part I

Preview season for 2016 is almost over—thank goodness!—but there’s still time to get in a bit more preparation before the North American LCS kicks off on Saturday. In my combined offseason report cards and power rankings, I’ll rate the quality of each team’s offseason moves, provide a target to aim for in the Spring split, and break down my reasoning.

In part one, I’ll count down the teams I’ve ranked between 10 and 6.

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NA Playoffs: TSM vs TL Statistical Talking Points

The notes below highlight some statistical storylines going into Sunday’s Semifinal matchup between Team SoloMid and Team Liquid.

IWDominate Giving Up His Jungle
IWDominate Champion Pool / Nidalee
War of the Undying: Santorin and Piglet
Azir and Viktor as Contested Picks?
TSM’s Early-Game Passivity
Mid-Lane Faceoff
Reining In the Mid-Lane Opposition
Tendency to Team Fight Continue reading NA Playoffs: TSM vs TL Statistical Talking Points