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Win Rates by Map Side

As of March 2, the Blue side of Summoner’s Rift has a slightly higher win rate across the NA LCS, EU LCS, LCK, LMS, and CBLoL. (I don’t currently have LPL data, but I’m working on it!) Blue side has a 52% win rate, with Red side at 48%.

The tables below break down each team’s win rate on each side of the map.


  • The ROX Tigers have dropped just three games this split, and all three losses have come on Blue side.
  • The Jin Air Green Wings and CJ Entus have huge gaps in win rates by map side. CJ Entus have won 77% of their Blue side games and just 14% on Red side, while Jin Air’s Red side win rate is nearly double what they’ve done on Blue.
  • Dignitas and Renegades have not won a single game on Red side this split, but Dignitas are 4-3 on Blue side and Renegades have earned both of their wins on Blue.
  • Fnatic are 6-1 on Blue side and just 2-5 on Red.
  • CLG are 7-1 on Red side but 3-3 on Blue.

NA LCSWins by map side, EUWins by map side, LCKWins by map side, LMS