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Three Points of Interest for 2020 LCS Academy

Academy has been slowly but consistently rising in priority for the LCS over time, with the goal of creating a more productive pipeline for domestic North American talent. According to information first reported by Parkes Ousley of Inven Global and officially confirmed this week, that trend is continuing in 2020, with five on-stage Academy games every week. In addition to giving Academy players more experience in LCS-like competitive environments, the league is clearly hoping to draw more fan eyeballs onto Academy.

One of my personal goals for 2020 is to watch Academy more closely and provide some level of content and coverage around it. To kick off that coverage, I’m presenting three points of interest for the 2020 season.

Oceanic Influx

The LCS implemented a rule change during the offseason that allows Academy teams to field one “extra” import, if that player comes from Turkey, Brazil, Latin America, Oceania, or the Commonwealth of Independent States. That change, paired with a dramatic scaling-back of the OPL, created a flood of Oceanic talent into North America.

The most visible highlight of that movement is ry0ma, who landed a starting role in the 100 Thieves mid lane. Continue reading Three Points of Interest for 2020 LCS Academy

Panic and Parity: Are Team Liquid as bad as they think they are?

Based on the standings, Team Liquid are the worst team in the NA LCS. Their position seems dire, and the stats bear it out: Liquid sport the league’s worst GPR, GSPD, EGR, and dragon control, with just 49.2% lane efficiency to boot.

With four weeks left to play, team management is on the hunt for solutions. Recent moves and public statements exude an aura of desperation, which feels deeper, darker, and more dangerous than the persistent exasperation that has been Liquid’s hallmark for years. The sky, it seems, is falling, but Chicken Little should beware: an overreaction might only serve to tear the hole open wider. Continue reading Panic and Parity: Are Team Liquid as bad as they think they are?

Early-Game Kings: Summer’s Most Impactful Jungle Players

The early game is the Jungler’s playground. Roaming through the fog of war, the Jungler stalks their prey, attacking both the witless monsters of the Rift and a far more dangerous target: live opponents.

In Summer 2015, some Junglers had more early-game impact than others. Players like Rush, Shook, Chaser, and Karsa rolled out gank after gank, leading the charge over the first 15 minutes. But how did their early-game results compare to the other players in their leagues? Who were the strongest (and weakest) early-game Junglers across all regions?

The charts below show the early-game influence and play styles of all Junglers who played at least 10 games during the Summer regular season in the NA LCS, EU LCS, LMS, and LCK. The LPL unfortunately does not make their data available.

Continue reading at Unikrn →

For complete data on all players included in these charts, head to the companion page.