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Panic and Parity: Are Team Liquid as bad as they think they are?

Based on the standings, Team Liquid are the worst team in the NA LCS. Their position seems dire, and the stats bear it out: Liquid sport the league’s worst GPR, GSPD, EGR, and dragon control, with just 49.2% lane efficiency to boot.

With four weeks left to play, team management is on the hunt for solutions. Recent moves and public statements exude an aura of desperation, which feels deeper, darker, and more dangerous than the persistent exasperation that has been Liquid’s hallmark for years. The sky, it seems, is falling, but Chicken Little should beware: an overreaction might only serve to tear the hole open wider. Continue reading Panic and Parity: Are Team Liquid as bad as they think they are?

Top 6 LCS AD Carries

We’ve just arrived in the Year of the Monkey, but for League of Legends, 2016 has felt more like the Year of the Marksman. We’ve seen AD Carry-type champions popping up all over the place, from Top to Jungle to Mid, spurred into action by sweeping itemization changes, champion reworks, and a meta game that promotes Tower destruction.

But you can keep your Graves, your Quinn, your Kindred; we know that the real AD Carries still play in the Bot lane.

Here are the six LCS players—three from North America and three from Europe—who I think have represented the ADC position best during the first four weeks of the 2016 Spring split.

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