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EU Mids: Searching for the lost superstars

The historic greatness of “EU mids” has been waning for some time.

There are several good mid laners in Europe right now, but we’re no longer living in the glory days when Danish and Spanish titans were stalking the Rift and leaving their indelible marks on the League of Legends history books. That’s partly because of an ongoing exodus of skill to North America, thinning out the upper strata of the talent pool, but there’s also a lack of compelling narratives to tell around the current generation of EU LCS mid laners: it’s become more difficult to clearly establish their legacies and in-game personalities.

Unquestionably, though, the average level of European mid lane talent has remained high, and there are stories very much worth telling, even if those narratives don’t flow quite so easily, and even if we must continue to wait and hope for the arrival of Europe’s next true mid lane superstar. Continue reading EU Mids: Searching for the lost superstars

EU LCS Mid Laner Power Rankings

For years, Europe has been known as a Mid lane Mecca, home to multiple world class talents and a horde of young up-and-comers continually challenging to become the next xPeke or Froggen. The 2016 Spring split has seen some power shifts in the Mid lane talent pool, with Froggen leaving for North America and xPeke stepping back, temporarily it seems, into more of a management role. Who has come in to fill the void?

Yesterday I released my NA LCS Mid Laner Power Rankings, and today I’ve done the same thing for the European LCS, putting all 10 starting Mids in order based on how they’ve performed this split.

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