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Analyst Challenge – Game State Evaluation, July 23

The “game state evaluation” challenge asks you to look at a snapshot from a game and assess which team is “in the lead”, by how much, and why. To do this, you need to ask yourself about each team composition’s win conditions, and determine which pieces of information are most relevant.

July 23, 2019 Challenge

This challenge was from 14:35 of the past weekend’s game between Origen and Vitality.

The Responses

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xPeke vs. PowerOfEvil: Origen’s New Two-Headed Mid-Lane Threat

Origen released a video today announcing that while the rumors were true that they had signed former Unicorns of Love Mid laner PowerOfEvil, it was not true that team owner xPeke was retiring as a player. Instead, Origen plans to use both xPeke and PowerOfEvil in the Mid lane to form a six-man roster, swapping the two players in and out of the lineup based on xPeke’s level of play and ability to practice on any given week.

The SK Telecom T1 model of having multiple strong players in one position worked out very well for the world champions, but can Origen make it work in the EU LCS? A similar approach was available to Counter Logic Gaming in North America in the 2015 Summer split, but they opted not to play Huhi, sticking with Pobelter for the full season instead.

Whether Origen does play both xPeke or PowerOfEvil, or decides to pick one horse and ride them all the way to the finish line, fans of the team will want to know what to expect from their new acquisition. Here’s a head-to-head comparison of how both players performed in Summer 2015.

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World Semifinals: Preview and Predictions

Only four teams remain. SK Telecom T1 takes on Origen on Saturday, October 24, and Fnatic faces off against the KOO Tigers on Sunday, October 25.

Here are some overviews of each team’s strengths and win conditions, and my predictions for the results, to help you get ready for what are sure to be some awesome games.

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