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Analyst Challenge – Trade Play, July 30

The “trade play” challenge gives you a sequence of play where both teams gained some objective or advantage, and asks you to judge which team gained more. An effective response to this challenge needs to consider each team’s win conditions, and the game state at the start and end of the sequence.

July 30, 2019 Challenge

The Responses

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Snapshot Challenge 15:33

The challenge is simple: look at a screenshot that shows one team’s perspective on the game, and use the available information to recommend their next move. It’s a technique for testing and training analysts, and it’s a good discipline for improving game knowledge.

Let’s give it a try.

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I posted this example to Twitter and got a lot of responses, with a variety of rationales. Responses to the tweet included different ideas in various levels of detail, but I also received many DMs, including some experienced professionals. Some of their answers are below, as well as the video and a breakdown of what actually happened. Continue reading Snapshot Challenge 15:33

Kill Efficiency: Stats Theory

Low-level League of Legends solo queue is all about kills: fight, fight, fight, and every now and then a building might fall, too, when there’s nothing fleshy around to attack.

But higher tiers of play, and especially esports, are all about objectives. Kills are a means to an end: sure, they reward you with a little gold and experience, but it’s far more important to leverage those kills into greater advantages, gaining greater control of the game.

“Kill Efficiency” is my attempt at measuring how well teams use their kills to gain those advantages. Continue reading Kill Efficiency: Stats Theory