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Mid Laner Play Styles in the Early Game

The stats tables below show the average kills+assists, experience gained, and creep score for Mid laners from the NA LCS, EU LCS, and LCK during the 2015 Summer split, including regular season, playoffs, and regional tournaments.

NA Mid laners stats by 15

NA Mids were the least effective at balancing out early combat with farming. Only Cloud9’s Incarnati0n had a reasonably balanced mixture of K+As, XP, and CS.

Bjergsen and FeniX stand out as farming very effectively, but not getting involved in much combat. That’s partly a commentary on the non-aggressive NA LCS meta, but also speaks to how their teams played out the early game as a whole. Compare to Keane and Goldenglue, who were even less involved in combat but couldn’t keep their farming up to compensate.
EU Mids stats by 15In Europe, the standouts are Febiven, nukeduck, and Froggen. All three had decent early aggression, while also keeping up their farming numbers. Meanwhile, xPeke, PowerOfEvil, and Betsy lagged behind in both combat and farm during the first 15 minutes of games.
LCK Mid laners stats by 15

Has anyone ever told you that Faker is an aggressive player? Well… he is. His 1.91 kills+assists at 15 minutes is incredibly high, especially relative to his own region. But Faker still managed to keep his average CS up at 131.7, which would have put him fourth in the NA LCS, though it’s slightly below-average for the LCK. Check out Ggoong, Coco, Easyhoon, and Nagne, as well, for good balance of combat and farming.LMS Mids stats by 15

In the LMS, Maple stands head and shoulders above every other Mid laner in the early game, though westdoor kept his experience gain up and Toyz and Chawy had reasonably balance, as well.

What players or numbers stand out to you?