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Analyst Challenge – Lane Assignments and Neutral Objectives, February 12

Here’s the challenge tweet.

I’ve highlighted some of the better responses below, but the best education you’re going to get out of this challenge is to read through the in-depth reply chain from Nelson Sng, the head coach of the LPL’s LNG Esports.

The TL;DR here is that Nelson wants to see IMTA pressure the mid lane with 4 members while Lucian continues to pressure the bot lane tower. The details of how they should execute that are laid out in his response, from the way Ornn should manage the top lane wave to the best warding and dewarding locations during the upcoming sequence.

As an additional note, Nelson made the very good point that during these challenges, it’s important to keep the fog of war “turned on”, meaning that you have to only factor in information that you know the team possesses. As a third-party viewer, it’s easy for us to forget that the players only have partial information, while we are able to see the entire map. This is a crucial analytical discipline to practice, and it’s the main point of value in buying Pro View if you’re looking to deepen your game knowledge. I highly recommend watching games in Pro View and practicing your predictions of what the players will do next, and why.

Other Responses

Jakub Kornecki wrote a thread oriented towards slow pushing top and pressuring the mid and bot lanes.

Logan Mansfield felt it would be better to shift focus into the top half of the map, rather than sustaining pressure on mid and bot.

Leon Levaaho wanted to see Ornn freeze the top lane while IMTA overall just played conservatively and waited for the drake to spawn.

Analyst Challenge – Trade Play, July 30

The “trade play” challenge gives you a sequence of play where both teams gained some objective or advantage, and asks you to judge which team gained more. An effective response to this challenge needs to consider each team’s win conditions, and the game state at the start and end of the sequence.

July 30, 2019 Challenge

The Responses

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Analyst Challenge – Game State Evaluation, July 23

The “game state evaluation” challenge asks you to look at a snapshot from a game and assess which team is “in the lead”, by how much, and why. To do this, you need to ask yourself about each team composition’s win conditions, and determine which pieces of information are most relevant.

July 23, 2019 Challenge

This challenge was from 14:35 of the past weekend’s game between Origen and Vitality.

The Responses

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