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NA LCS Power Rankings – Part I

Preview season for 2016 is almost over—thank goodness!—but there’s still time to get in a bit more preparation before the North American LCS kicks off on Saturday. In my combined offseason report cards and power rankings, I’ll rate the quality of each team’s offseason moves, provide a target to aim for in the Spring split, and break down my reasoning.

In part one, I’ll count down the teams I’ve ranked between 10 and 6.

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LA Renegades Spring 2016 Scouting Report

The LA Renegades won their way into the North American LCS by defeating Team Coast in the Finals of the NA Challenger Series. It had been their first split together, but while Renegades was a young brand, its players were far from inexperienced. This is a roster that boasts the world-renowned Alex Ich in the mid lane, best known for his time with Moscow 5, alongside longstanding veteran Crumbz in the jungle. Joining them are RF in the Top lane and the LCS’s first female player, Maria (previously known as Remilia), at Support. And while it hasn’t been formally confirmed yet, it’s common wisdom that the team’s AD Carry will be high-profile European import Freeze, the standout performer on the now-relegated Copenhagen Wolves.

If the name power within the roster wasn’t enough to catch your attention, maybe you’ve heard of the team’s owner, Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles.

There are plenty of reasons to show interest in the Renegades as the 2016 LCS season approaches. They should have a decent fan base right off the bat. But will their in-game success match their strong out-of-game standing? Here’s a general overview scouting report on the Renegades for the 2016 Spring split.

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