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LCK 2016 Spring Mid-split GSPD Standings

Gold spent percentage difference (GSPD) is a measurement of the average gap in gold spent between the teams at the end of the game. In other words, GSPD measures whether a game was really close, or a big stomp. This gives us a more nuanced picture of how well teams are performing than simple win rate. To learn more about GSPD, read the theory article.

Here are the GSPD standings for the LCK, following week 7 of the 2016 Spring split.

LCK Mid-split GSPD

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Longzhu Gaming stand out for their relatively strong GSPD but just a 5W-4L series record that has them tied for fifth in the overall standings. Longzhu have won just one of the four Game 3s they’ve played in; one or two more Game 3 victories could have put them in second place instead of fifth. Pairing their GSPD with the LCK’s second-best early-game rating (58.4) suggests that Longzhu may be due to climb the standings soon.

GSPD suggests that KT Rolster and the Jin Air Green Wings are overachieving in the standings, and may be due to come back down to earth in the second half of the Spring split. There’s more to the story, though, because these two teams rely heavily on Dragon buffs in their strategies. Dragon buffs aren’t factored into GSPD because they give power that isn’t tied to gold, so while a game may end with very close gold values, it’s possible that one team had a meaningful advantage from four or five stacks of Dragon buffs.

The Green Wings have the LCK’s highest First Dragon rate at 67%, and have secured 59% of the Dragons taken in their games, second only to the ROX Tigers. KT Rolster have the third-best Dragon Control rate at 57%. The Green Wings have secured the fourth Dragon buff nine times and the fifth Dragon buff three times, and KT Rolster has earned the fourth Dragon seven times and fifth Dragon twice. Both teams have some of the longer game lengths in the LCK as well, the Green Wings in particular, because of playing around Dragon stacking.

The sky isn’t falling for the Jin Air Green Wings or for KT Rolster, but it’s interesting to see how they’ve taken different paths to victory than some of the teams that are ahead of them in the GSPD standings. With Dragon buffs being improved in recent changes, we may see the Dragon-stacking strategy become that much more popular and effective.

Peanut vs. Score: Korea’s Best Jungle Talent

Who is Korea’s best Jungler?

So far this year, two players have taken control of the Best Jungler conversation. One is a fresh-faced, diminutive, ever-smiling rookie, Peanut of the ROX Tigers, who played only a single game with Najin in the 2015 Summer regular season. The other is long-time veteran Score of KT Rolster, one of 2015’s most under-discussed players, who spent last year playing in the shadow of Ssumday and Piccaboo.

Both Peanut and Score have been key components of their teams’ impressive performances through the first three weeks of the LCK season. But who has been better?

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