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Early-Game Kings: Summer’s Most Impactful Jungle Players

The early game is the Jungler’s playground. Roaming through the fog of war, the Jungler stalks their prey, attacking both the witless monsters of the Rift and a far more dangerous target: live opponents.

In Summer 2015, some Junglers had more early-game impact than others. Players like Rush, Shook, Chaser, and Karsa rolled out gank after gank, leading the charge over the first 15 minutes. But how did their early-game results compare to the other players in their leagues? Who were the strongest (and weakest) early-game Junglers across all regions?

The charts below show the early-game influence and play styles of all Junglers who played at least 10 games during the Summer regular season in the NA LCS, EU LCS, LMS, and LCK. The LPL unfortunately does not make their data available.

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For complete data on all players included in these charts, head to the companion page.

Hit the Ground Running: Jungle Champion Effectiveness in the First Fifteen Minutes

The first 15 minutes in League of Legends can sometimes decide the outcome of the entire game. In the 2015 Spring Split playoffs in the LCK, the LMS, and the North American and European LCS and Challenger leagues, the team with a gold lead at 15 minutes won 74% of the time.

Junglers often play the most active role in the early game, ganking and counter-ganking, setting up Tower dives, or just hard farming to level 6 as fast as possible to hasten the mid game. But what we’ll see is that early-game strength is no longer the defining characteristic of strong junglers, as it was in previous metas.

We’re going to explore the ways that different jungle champions were used, and how much success they had, in the first 15 minutes of games. We’ll be drawing our numbers from the 2015 Spring Split playoffs in the North American and European LCS.

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