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MaRin vs. Smeb: Head to Head Stats

It’s the head-to-head matchup everyone is talking about, the Top lane showdown between SK Telecom T1’s MaRin and the KOO Tigers’ Smeb. Here’s an overview of how the two players stack up statistically.

All stats based on 2015 World Championships, including group stage, Quarterfinals, and Semifinals, unless otherwise specified.

smeb marinKP: Kill participation. D%: Death share. GD@10: Gold diff at 10 minutes. Continue reading MaRin vs. Smeb: Head to Head Stats


Cloud9 vs. TSM is the dominant rivalry of the NA LCS. The matchup is maybe less storied than TSM’s older, more personal rivalry with CLG, which extends back to the pre-LCS years and is embodied by the colorful history between Reginald and HotshotGG, but while C9/TSM may lack that same level of animosity, it has featured much higher stakes: Cloud9 and TSM have faced off against each other in the last three NA LCS Finals.

Now North America’s two heavyweight franchises are set to meet in a fourth consecutive North American Final, this time with Championship Points and a trip to the Midseason Invitational on the line.

As we prepare for the Spring 2015 NA LCS Finals, let’s look at some statistics from the regular season and playoff games that both teams have played so far. We’ll explore each role matchup to get an idea of where each team’s advantages lie, and also compare some overall team stats.

These stats don’t tell the whole story, but they draw attention to some interesting facets of the players and teams which we might not otherwise notice. I’ve presented my interpretations based on these numbers, but as always, I encourage everyone to draw their own conclusions! Continue reading NA LCS FINALS PREVIEW: TSM VS C9, HEAD TO HEAD