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EU Mids: Searching for the lost superstars

The historic greatness of “EU mids” has been waning for some time.

There are several good mid laners in Europe right now, but we’re no longer living in the glory days when Danish and Spanish titans were stalking the Rift and leaving their indelible marks on the League of Legends history books. That’s partly because of an ongoing exodus of skill to North America, thinning out the upper strata of the talent pool, but there’s also a lack of compelling narratives to tell around the current generation of EU LCS mid laners: it’s become more difficult to clearly establish their legacies and in-game personalities.

Unquestionably, though, the average level of European mid lane talent has remained high, and there are stories very much worth telling, even if those narratives don’t flow quite so easily, and even if we must continue to wait and hope for the arrival of Europe’s next true mid lane superstar. Continue reading EU Mids: Searching for the lost superstars

Lane efficiency: case studies from the NA and EU LCS

In professional play, some teams do a great job of managing minion waves and controlling the lanes. It’s a complex part of the game, with influence over many things, including gold income, map control, setup for objectives, and both extension of leads and defensive stalling while behind.

Lane efficiency is a new statistic that measures how well teams manage minion waves, securing as much lane farm for themselves as possible while denying farm from their opponents. For a full discussion of the theory and measurement of the statistic, take a look at the methods article.

Below are the lane efficiency (LE) statistics for the NA LCS and EU LCS, presented alongside jungle control (JNG%) and kill-to-death ratio (K:D) to paint a more full picture of teams’ play. For the NA LCS, the Immortals are discussed as a case study, while H2K are presented from the EU LCS. Continue reading Lane efficiency: case studies from the NA and EU LCS