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Gambit Gaming is One of Europe’s Best Teams

The best team doesn’t always win.

For evidence of that statement, look no further than Gambit Gaming, a team that gets high marks in analyst opinions but ultimately finished eighth in the EU LCS standings and now has to defend their livelihoods against a Challenger team.

I hear the protests: if Gambit was so good, why couldn’t they prove it in the standings? Aren’t wins and losses the purest measure of quality?

No, of course they aren’t. The standings may be what ultimately matters, but they aren’t necessarily the best measure of a team.

I’m big on supporting criticisms with alternatives, so here are three stats that will convince you that Gambit Gaming deserves to be in the playoffs, not the Promotion Tournament.

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Measuring the Margins: Gold Spent Percentage Difference

Do you ever feel like a team is better (or worse) than their win/loss record suggests? Do you wish you had a way to measure that impression?

Here’s a stat that might scratch your itch: I call it Gold Spent Percentage Difference (GSPD).

In simple terms, GSPD measures the gap in how much gold both teams have spent at the end of the game. A large positive GSPD  (+10% or higher) shows that the team had spent a lot more gold than their opponents, while a large negative GSPD (-10% or lower) shows that the team had spent a lot less gold.

Using average GSPD, we can spot the teams who are ranked higher or lower than their performances seem to warrant. Continue reading Measuring the Margins: Gold Spent Percentage Difference