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First Blood Patterns at Worlds

The 2015 World Championships have been all about the Top lane, and teams have put tons of effort into getting their Top laners ahead through early gank pressure. Through the group stages and Quarterfinals, Top laners have represented 40% of the First Blood victims, much higher than what we saw in any of the major regions during the Summer split and Regional tournaments.

The chart below shows how often each role was killed for First Blood in the LCK, LMS, NA LCS, and EU LCS, as well as during the World Championships so far. Continue reading First Blood Patterns at Worlds

First Blood Trends Among the World Championships Teams

First Blood is a compelling storyline in any game, and I find myself drawn back to exploring it constantly. A while ago, I looked at which players were most active in securing and giving up First Blood. Today I’m exploring the teams angle: which World Championships teams were best at picking up First Blood, how important was it to their success, and what are some other patterns we can spot in what their FBs looked like?

We’ll start by assessing overall First Blood rates and win rates, then move on to FB timings and how many players were usually involved in each team’s FB kills and deaths.

For a TL;DR of these findings with some “top 5” lists, scroll to the bottom of the post! Continue reading First Blood Trends Among the World Championships Teams

First Bloods: Player FB Stats Around the World

In professional matches, the team that takes First Blood wins the game 67.5% of the time (based on LCS, LCK, and LMS in Summer 2015). You can see just how valuable it is for pro players to earn First Blood kills and assists and avoid giving up First Blood deaths.

The table below presents First Blood rates (FB Kills+Assists / Games Played) as well as First Blood deaths for every player in the LCS, LCK, or LMS from the 2015 Summer split regular season.

As a quick summary, here are the five best First Blood earners, first overall and then for non-Junglers.

Global Top 5 FB Rates (excluding LPL)
  1. EL Shook (70%, 3K 4A in 10 GP)
  2. JAG Chaser (61%, 11K 12A in 38 GP)
  3. KOO Hojin (60%, 5K 4A in 15 GP)
  4. CJE Trick (60%, 1K 2A in 5 GP)
  5. TiP Rush (58%, 1K 10A in 19 GP)
Global Top 5 FB Rates for Non-Junglers (excluding LPL)
  1. FNC Huni (56%, 3K 7A in 18 GP)
  2. TDK Emperor (56%, 4K 1A in 9 GP)
  3. kT Piccaboo (55%, 2K 9A in 20 GP)
  4. T8 Dodo8 (53%, 2K 8A in 19 GP)
  5. H2K Hjarnan (50%, 3K 6A in 18 GP)

Continue reading First Bloods: Player FB Stats Around the World