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New Feature: Win Probability at 15 Minutes Calculator (beta)

I’m experimenting with a new feature for the site by presenting the first Oracle’s Elixir calculator page, where you can estimate a team’s probability of winning a game as of the 15-minute mark.

This calculator uses the formula and coefficients that generate my early-game ratings and mid/late ratings.

Take the calculator for a spin, and let me know if you have questions or find any issues with the tool. I’m still exploring the options and limitations of the plugin I’m using. For example, it doesn’t seem to like it if you type in a negative number, which is why the calculator asks you to enter everything from the perspective of the team with the gold lead.

EGR and MLR: New Team Ratings

Today I’m launching a pair of new statistics that measure teams’ performances in the “early game” and the “mid/late game”. These stats use complex modeling to assign an “early-game rating” (EGR) and a “mid/late rating” (MLR) to each team, which lets us quickly compare teams’ performances using single, straightforward numbers. The higher a team’s EGR, the better they have performed in the early game. The higher their MLR, the better they have done in the mid and late game. It’s that simple!

These stats will start showing up on the OraclesElixir.com team stats tables soon.

Keep reading to learn about how EGR and MLR are produced and what they represent, or skip halfway down for lists of team ratings along with some discussion and interpretation. Continue reading EGR and MLR: New Team Ratings