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Effective resource allocation: how FLY, FOX, MSF, and others are solving the spring 2017 meta

In League of Legends, winning teams share many core characteristics, from their individual skills levels to their ability to function as a team. But one attribute that drives some teams ahead of others is their ability to recognize the best win conditions in the current balance environment and shape their play to achieve those conditions. This is measurably true for the start of the 2017 spring split: the biggest overachievers right now, teams like FlyQuest, Echo Fox, and the Misfits, are doing the best job of distributing carry responsibilities across their jungle, mid lane, and top lane roles. Continue reading Effective resource allocation: how FLY, FOX, MSF, and others are solving the spring 2017 meta

Froggen’s Echo: Is Rick Fox’s Team Playoff-Bound?

Froggen + 4.

That was the general impression of the Echo Fox lineup when it was announced in January. With Challenger Series players Hard and Big at Jungle and Support, journeyman Keith at AD Carry, and kfo coming into the Top lane from Korean solo queue, Froggen’s new teammates didn’t inspire an abundance of confidence. Maybe Froggen could carry his underwhelming team to a handful of wins. Maybe this squad could surprise us and earn a little bit of respect. But even that was in doubt.

It’s not a maybe anymore: Echo Fox have made a loud and clear statement that they belong in the playoff conversation.

So let’s discuss.

After a reasonable 1-1 record in their first week, Echo Fox’s prospects started tumbling like oil prices, as three of their players were locked out by work visa issues. With Froggen, kfo, and Hard benched, Echo Fox forfeited a game to NRG, then stumbled through five sequential losses, finding themselves in last place with a 1-7 record. Hard’s return partway through that run didn’t make a noticeable difference, but finally the news came that Froggen and kfo would be available for week 5.

What a change that made.

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NA LCS Power Rankings – Part I

Preview season for 2016 is almost over—thank goodness!—but there’s still time to get in a bit more preparation before the North American LCS kicks off on Saturday. In my combined offseason report cards and power rankings, I’ll rate the quality of each team’s offseason moves, provide a target to aim for in the Spring split, and break down my reasoning.

In part one, I’ll count down the teams I’ve ranked between 10 and 6.

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