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LCS 2020 Post-Free Agency Power Rankings – 10 to 6

Tim Sevenhuysen is the founder of OraclesElixir.com and Head of Esports Data Science for Esports One. He led Shadow.gg from 2017-19 and was Statistical Consultant for Fnatic in 2015.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: LoL offseason!

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I love following along with offseason news, reacting to Wolf Bombs and armchair-analysting teams’ roster moves. So let’s get things started by ruthlessly judging the hard work of all the LCS management teams with an early power ranking of the 2020 rosters!

In this post, I’ll share my thoughts on the “bottom 5” teams of the LCS, as I see them. Later this week, I’ll post my order and reasoning for the “top 5”.

Bear in mind that, with a month and a half still to go before the 2020 season actually kicks off, we have plenty of time to gather more impressions, watch more video, and refine our opinions. By the time week 1 arrives, I might be ready to move some teams up or down in these power rankings. But for now, here’s where my analysis has landed.

10. Golden Guardians

Roster: Hauntzer, Closer, Goldenglue, FBI, Keith

Golden Guardianslogo square.png

I’m going to be honest: I don’t understand why the Golden Guardians traded for Goldenglue and made him their starter when they could be using Damonte or Pobelter or giving a shot to a player with a less-explored ceiling, like Yusui or Ablazeolive.

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Three NA LCS coaches answer questions about drafting and Rift Herald

Recently, I picked the brains of some NA LCS coaches about drafting strategy, the new Rift Herald, and more. Each coach had their own set of insights, and rather than condense them and lose the unique elements, I’ve decided to share the raw audio of all three interviews below in full. Enjoy!

Core Questions

  • Drafting for comfort vs counterpicks.
  • The importance of flex picks to the draft.
  • How has Rift Herald affected the viability of playing around top lane?
  • What are the best ways to use the Rift Herald buff?

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