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LCS 2020 Summer Preseason Power Rankings

The LCS 2020 Summer Split kicks off this Friday, and we’ve seen quite a few changes to the rosters. Aside from Cloud9‘s solid hold on the LCS’s top spot, the balance of power around the league was pretty precarious in Spring, and the movement of players like Doublelift, Dardoch, and Damonte could introduce a lot more volatility, making it hard to predict who might emerge to take a shot at C9 come playoffs.

I foresee a lot of movement from a few mid-tier teams, and a holding pattern from others, which should allow for some leapfrogging and hopefully a tighter pack of contenders looking to dethrone C9.

The following power rankings are my attempt to sort through the rosters and gauge each team’s strength, and where I think they’ll finish by the end of the split. Along the way, I’ll make notes of what I had predicted for Spring, and what actually happened, to provide some context for what I’m thinking now.

Edit: I don’t normally edit this type of analysis after it’s posted, but the Immortals announced an unexpected starting roster on June 10 and I felt compelled to revise accordingly.

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LCS 2020 Post-Free Agency Power Rankings – 5 to 1

Tim Sevenhuysen is the founder of OraclesElixir.com and Head of Esports Data Science for Esports One. He led Shadow.gg from 2017-19 and was Statistical Consultant for Fnatic in 2015.

RECAP: Read part 1 of my 2020 LCS preseason power rankings.

The rankings so far:

10. Golden Guardians
9. Immortals
8. Dignitas
7. 100 Thieves
6. FlyQuest

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LCS Regionals, CG vs CLG: Quick Notes for Clutch Gaming

Before the North American Regional Qualifiers started, I predicted a 3-1 victory for Counter Logic Gaming over Clutch Gaming. Following Clutch’s win over FlyQuest on Friday, here are some strategic notes for Clutch that could help them beat my prediction.

1. Clean up the communication.

Most of Clutch’s weak-looking moments in their series against FlyQuest came from communication desyncs between their frontline and backline players. There were several moments, especially in the game 2 loss, where Huni, Vulcan, or Lira initiated an aggressive play while Cody Sun or Damonte were not yet in position to follow up with the damage needed to finish off a target. Synchronization between initiators and carries has been crucial to Clutch’s success for the last several weeks, so when that fell apart, Clutch looked pretty shaky. Continue reading LCS Regionals, CG vs CLG: Quick Notes for Clutch Gaming