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Academy All Stars: 2020 Spring

I’ve been watching Academy closely all split, and highlighting the standout performers each week. Now that the regular season has wrapped, it’s time to assess the entire nine weeks of work and honour the best player at each position.

NOTE: I’m unable to report full-split stats for these players due to ongoing issues with Riot’s match history service, but you can see the stats for weeks 1 through 8 here.

Scroll to the end for the TL;DR of 1st-team and 2nd-team selections.

TOP: Lourlo, Dignitas

5 Academy Standouts Appearances

As I wrote in the week 9 Academy Standouts: Damonte is still the biggest star of DIG Academy, but if you want to see the foundations Damonte is standing on, keep your eyes on the top lane.

Lourlo has been a consistent performer, often working in the shadows of his carries but doing everything his team needed him to do. Continue reading Academy All Stars: 2020 Spring

Academy Standouts: 2020 Spring Week 2

Academy Standouts highlights the players who performed best in the most recent week of NA Academy play.

Previous Academy Standouts:

If you want to track your favourite team’s Academy performance throughout each split, you can also check out the Academy stats pages, starting with 2020 Spring regular season player stats and team stats.

Breezyyy, Support, 100 Thieves

In games on Lulu and Rakan, Breezyyy put together two strong showings, especially shining on the Rakan as 100 Thieves Academy took down Team Liquid Academy. Strong laning alongside Prismal led to kills and forced opponent Summoner Spells, and Breezyyy’s disengages and peel in team fights were crucial to allowing Prismal to shine as a carry.

Breezyyy Stats, 2020 Spring Week 2

W2 15.3 88.5% 13.0% 1.38 0.23
Total 10.0 77.9% 14.6% 1.33 0.20

Breezyyy’s coach, Kelsey Moser, described him to me as “a very positive player with good instincts for the game and an eagerness to learn from the team.” If he keeps learning and shows this level of laning skill and awareness of his role in a team composition, we’ll be seeing Breezyyy on this list more in future weeks.

Damonte, Mid, Dignitas

Another week, another standout showing from Damonte. This time, he did it on Rumble against Yusui’s Viktor and on LeBlanc against Triple’s Lissandra. In signature style, Damonte got out of his lane and affected the map, played aggressively, and drove his team forward. His roaming led to lost CS and a low XP difference number (-401 XPD10 in week 2), but the value he gains and creates elsewhere on the map is worthwhile.

Damonte Stats, 2020 Spring Week 2 Continue reading Academy Standouts: 2020 Spring Week 2