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Plug’s World Championships Power Rankings

This article has been prepared by John “TheEsportsPlug” George, an esports daily fantasy player, bettor, and former professional poker player.

The World Championship is upon us once again, and as is tradition, it’s time for the Power Rankings. With teams coming from all around the globe with play styles ranging from Funplus Phoenix to Splyce and legacies ranging from SKT to Mammoth, it’s time we sat down and had a good hard look at who and what these teams are.

I think it’s hard to argue this isn’t the most talented group of teams we’ve ever had at a World Championship. There are so many storylines to follow and so many unknowns to be revealed. It just a great time to be a League of Legends fan.

Around the world, hopes are high in Europe after an MSI victory. NA finds a diamond in the rough and some plucky underdogs after a terrible home split. Korea returns to form ready to avenge their underwhelming 2018 campaign. China sends over two teams that might even be better than their reigning world champions. In the emerging regions we find seven-year veterans and superteams, fearless young rookies and globetrotters who have made their way home.

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LoL 2019 World Championships – Expert Predictions Round-up

The 2019 World Champions are nearly upon us, so we’ve rounded up a collection of professional analysts and coaches from around the world to help set some expectations for the event.

Our participants are:

  • Nelson Sng, coach of the LPL’s LNG Esports
  • Brendan “Loyota” Schilling, pro analyst formerly of Team Liquid, Immortals, and more
  • Cody “Avin” Gerard, pro analyst formerly of Rogue and Roccat
  • David “Hermes” Tu, pro coach with LCS experience
  • Tim “Magic” Sevenhuysen, founder of OraclesElixir.com and Head of Esports Data Science for Esports One

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