CBLoL 2018 Winter Playoffs Player Statistics

GPGames played
AGTAverage game time
W%Win percentage
AGLAverage game length
G LenAverage game length
P%Percentage of games champion was picked in the given role
B%Percentage of games in which the champion was banned (not role-specific)
P+B%Percentage of games in which the champion was either picked or banned (not role-specific)
KTotal kills
DTotal deaths
ATotal assists
KPGKills per game
DPGDeaths per game
APGAssists per game
Team KPGKills per game
Team DPGDeaths per game
KDATotal kill/death/assist ratio
K:DKill-to-death ratio
CKPMCombined kills per minute (team kills + opposing team kills)
XPD@10Average experience difference at 10 minutes
XPD10Average experience difference at 10 minutes
GD@10Average gold difference at 10 minutes
GD@15Average gold difference at 15 minutes
GD10Average gold difference at 10 minutes
GD15Average gold difference at 15 minutes
Team GD@15Average team gold difference at 15 minutes
GPRGold Percent Rating: Average amount of the game's total gold held, centered around 50% and multiplied by 100 (e.g. +1.00 represents 51.00%)
GSPDAverage gold spent percentage difference
EGREarly-Game Rating
MLRMid/Late Rating
TWLProportion of time spent with a gold lead (holding more than 52% of the gold in the game). Developed by league-analytics.com.
TWDProportion of time spent with a gold deficit (holding less than 48% of the gold in the game). Developed by league-analytics.com.
FBP%First Blood participation rate (FB kills+assists / games played)
FBPFirst Blood participation rate (FB kills+assists / games played)
FBD%First Blood death rate (FB deaths / games played)
K+A@15Average kills+assists at 15 minutes
K@15Average kills at 15 minutes
A@15Average assists at 15 minutes
D@15Average deaths at 15 minutes
FB%First Blood rate (for players, includes both kills and assists)
FD%First dragon rate
FT%First tower rate
F3T%First to kill three towers rate
HLD%Percentage of games in which the team acquired Rift Herald
FBN%First Baron rate
BN%Baron control rate
FT TimeAverage first tower kill time
FTTAverage first tower kill time
DrPGDragons killed per game
DRG%Dragon control rate (if ELD% is also reported, this only reflects elemental drakes
ELD%Elder dragon control rate
TPGTowers killed per game
KPKill participation
aKPAverage kill participation
D%Share of team's deaths
DTH%Share of team's deaths
CSD@10Average creep score difference at 10 minutes
CSD10Average creep score difference at 10 minutes
CSPMAverage monsters + minions killed per minute
CS%P15Average share of team's post-15-minute minion and monster kills
DPMAverage damage to champions per minute
Team DPMAverage team damage to champions per minute
Team DTPMAverage team-wide damage taken from champions per minute
DTPMAverage damage taken from champions per minute
DPDAverage damage to champions percentage difference
Dmg%Average share of team's total damage to champions
EGPMAverage earned gold per minute (excludes starting gold and inherent gold generation)
Gold%Average share of team's total gold earned (excludes starting gold and inherent gold generation)
Gold% Post-15Average share of team's gold earned post-15 minutes (excludes starting gold and inherent gold generation)
LNE%Lane control: average share of game's total lane CS
JNG%Jungle control: average share of game's total jungle CS
WPMAverage wards placed per minute
CWPMAverage control wards purchased per minute
WCPMAverage wards cleared per minute
WC%Average percentage of opponent wards cleared
VWCAverage percentage of opponent visible wards cleared
IWCAverage percentage of opponent invisible wards cleared
CS% Post-15Average share of team's creep score after 15 minutes
Minion% Post-15Average share of team's minion kills after 15 minutes
Monster% Post-15Average share of team's monster kills after 15 minutes

BaianoCNB e-Sports ClubSupport838%733702.374.0%20.6%38%-17130-
brTTFlamengo eSportsADC863%3319423.962.0%21.8%38%5-130-1.49.630.1%50928.2%308.925.8%0.400.17
BrucerCNB e-Sports ClubADC10%2720.640.0%26.9%0%-722-264-9.07.824.5%48629.6%225.824.3%0.360.20
BrucerCNB e-Sports ClubMiddle650%1914374.062.2%12.1%0%-87-193-1.88.425.9%47122.4%245.122.8%0.480.31
BrucerCNB e-Sports ClubTop10%1300.325.0%16.7%0%-70-66-2.07.324.4%33519.4%184.321.4%0.450.19
dyNquedoKaBuM e-SportsMiddle560%188255.461.4%10.7%0%372296.48.524.0%47223.9%260.222.8%0.410.26
esAFlamengo eSportsSupport863%914695.664.5%16.1%38%79493.62.06.8%1478.2%137.211.2%1.820.40
GokuFlamengo eSportsMiddle863%2916474.862.8%18.4%13%-24-195-6.08.623.6%48426.4%266.122.3%0.580.20
JisuFlamengo eSportsTop863%2520413.354.5%23.0%50%166128-
JocksterVivo KeydSupport863%3233562.755.7%31.1%13%-17-2121.51.85.5%1838.6%149.511.7%1.640.28
micaOVivo KeydADC863%3316807.171.5%15.1%0%-393-112-3.88.626.6%62230.6%299.723.8%0.360.21
RakinCNB e-Sports ClubADC425%1519191.863.0%21.6%25%1421514.38.628.2%57925.7%257.824.7%0.370.10
RakinCNB e-Sports ClubTop2100%84125.055.6%14.3%0%35441.59.129.9%42319.9%281.223.8%0.430.11
RakinCNB e-Sports ClubMiddle20%6810.950.0%18.2%50%-125-84-8.08.729.3%35621.1%239.926.8%0.450.05
RangerKaBuM e-SportsJungle560%1316383.272.9%21.3%20%-104-35-
RevoltaVivo KeydJungle863%2522834.968.4%20.8%25%2352454.35.115.0%25612.2%226.918.1%0.500.42
RiyevKaBuM e-SportsSupport560%417422.765.7%22.7%0%-82-651.81.76.0%1598.1%118.210.2%1.370.47
RoboCNB e-Sports ClubADC367%1613162.580.0%28.3%67%1,25651415.08.527.5%64832.4%290.826.5%0.400.34
RoboCNB e-Sports ClubTop520%2229191.464.1%25.4%0%-301143.68.528.8%58427.5%271.026.6%0.460.25
ShrimpFlamengo eSportsJungle863%2518544.465.3%20.7%38%1311493.95.816.6%27014.9%235.819.6%0.870.51
TitaNKaBuM e-SportsADC560%1919252.362.9%25.3%0%832765.69.530.1%66032.5%303.226.8%0.590.39
tockersVivo KeydMiddle863%3620675.265.2%18.9%25%892452.88.927.3%55125.4%291.723.2%0.340.19
TurtleCNB e-Sports ClubJungle10%1431.0100.0%22.2%0%-78-416-2.04.614.2%17510.2%154.317.9%0.600.22
YampiCNB e-Sports ClubJungle743%726572.564.0%18.3%29%-269-249-
YangVivo KeydTop863%3215575.956.3%14.2%25%4322265.38.525.6%48923.2%289.923.2%0.470.24
ZantinsKaBuM e-SportsTop560%1615202.451.4%20.0%20%-256-315-0.48.424.7%38919.9%255.422.0%0.500.17
For a full list of abbreviations and explanations, check the Definitions page.
Last Updated: September 11, 2018 12:18 pm