NA Playoffs: TSM vs TL Statistical Talking Points

The notes below highlight some statistical storylines going into Sunday’s Semifinal matchup between Team SoloMid and Team Liquid.

IWDominate Giving Up His Jungle
IWDominate Champion Pool / Nidalee
War of the Undying: Santorin and Piglet
Azir and Viktor as Contested Picks?
TSM’s Early-Game Passivity
Mid-Lane Faceoff
Reining In the Mid-Lane Opposition
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NA Playoffs: TiP vs CLG Statistical Talking Points

I put together the following statistical talking points as preparation for the Semifinal matchup between Team Impulse (TiP) and Counter Logic Gaming (CLG), which was played earlier today. Even though the games have been played, I figured these stats might still be of interest to some people, so here they are! (Note: I have a similar document for TSM vs. Team Liquid, which I will probably post up soon, as well.)

A few of these stats showed up on the actual broadcast today. Bonus points to anyone who caught them live!

Early-Game Action

Farm Distribution
ZionSpartan vs. Impact
Where the CLG Action Happens
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Farm Distribution Post-15 Minutes

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Farm distribution, specifically after the laning phase is over, is one way teams put priority on different players to take a larger role in the game. We’ll call 15 minutes the average “end of laning phase” for the sake of this exploration.

The data below reflects players’ average share of post-15-minute farm, with post-15-minute gold share also included for context. All data reflects each league’s 2015 Summer split regular season, including tiebreakers.

See the interactive table at the bottom of the post to explore Post-15 CS% globally (LPL data not available).

>35% Club

These players all averaged 35% or more of their teams’ post-15 CS.

  • FW KKramer (37.0%)
  • GV Altec (36.3%)
  • GIA PePiiNeRO (35.3%)
  • CLG Doublelift (35.0%)
  • GMB Forg1ven (35.0%)

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