Note on Use of Averages

In most of the statistics on this site, values are calculated for each individual game, then averaged across games. This is true for the “share” and “per minute” numbers for damage to champions, earned gold, wards placed/cleared, CKPM, and so on. Some of the numbers used on broadcasts use totals rather than averages, which can make minor differences to some values. I prefer averages because they reduce the impact of game length. Bear this in mind when comparing between Oracle’s Elixir and stats you find elsewhere.

List of Abbreviations

GP Games Played
W Wins
L Losses
AGT Average Game Time (sometimes also called “G Len”)
P% Percentage of games champion was picked in the given role.
B% Percentage of games in which the champion was banned. (Is not tied to a specific role.)
K Total Kills
D Total Deaths
A Total Assists
KDA Total Kill/Death/Assist Ratio
K:D Kill-to-Death Ratio
CKPM Average Combined Kills per Minute (Team Kills + Opponent Kills)
EGR Early-Game Rating
MLR Mid/Late Rating
GPR Gold percent rating (average amount of game’s total gold held, relative to 50%)
GSPD Average Gold Spent Percentage Difference
FB% First Blood rate. For players/champions, percent of games earning a First Blood participation (kill or assist).
FBV% First Blood Victim rate. (percent of games player/champion was killed for First Blood)
FD% First Dragon Rate
FT% First Tower Rate
FBN% First Baron Rate
DRG% Dragon control rate: percent of all Dragons killed that were taken by the team. If ELD% is present, only reflects elemental drakes.
ELD% Elder dragon control rate
DTH% Average share of team’s deaths.
GD## Average gold difference at ## minutes
XPD## Average experience difference at ## minutes
GXD## Average gold+experience difference at ## minutes
CSD## Average creep score difference at ## minutes
CSPM Average monsters + minions killed per minute
DPM Average damage to champions per minute
DMG% Damage Share: Average share of team’s total damage to champions
EGPM Average earned gold per minute (excludes starting gold and inherent gold generation)
Gold% Gold Share: Average share of team’s total gold earned (excludes starting gold and inherent gold generation)
JNG% Jungle Control: average share of game’s total jungle CS
LNE% Lane Control: average share of game’s total lane CS
WPM Average wards placed per minute
WCPM Average wards cleared per minute
WC% Average percentage of opponent wards cleared
VWC% Average percentage of opponent’s visible wards cleared
IWC% Average percentage of opponent’s invisible wards cleared

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