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Measuring the Margins: Gold Spent Percentage Difference

Do you ever feel like a team is better (or worse) than their win/loss record suggests? Do you wish you had a way to measure that impression?

Here’s a stat that might scratch your itch: I call it Gold Spent Percentage Difference (GSPD).

In simple terms, GSPD measures the gap in how much gold both teams have spent at the end of the game. A large positive GSPD  (+10% or higher) shows that the team had spent a lot more gold than their opponents, while a large negative GSPD (-10% or lower) shows that the team had spent a lot less gold.

Using average GSPD, we can spot the teams who are ranked higher or lower than their performances seem to warrant. Continue reading Measuring the Margins: Gold Spent Percentage Difference

NA, EU, and LCK Gold Difference Charts

The graphs below chart gold differences over time in LCS teams’ last six games (weeks 6 through 8 of the 2015 Summer Split) and in LCK teams’ last two weeks (weeks 8 and 9 of the 2015 Summer Split).

Note: The timelines only run to 50 minutes, even if a game went longer.




Pick My Next Stat Exploration

Let me know what stats you’re most interested in seeing next. See below for more detailed descriptions of the options I’ve given, or make a suggestion!

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Team Kill Efficiency
This stat measures the average number of objectives a team takes per kill, where an objective is a Tower, Dragon, Baron Nashor, or Inhibitor.

In-depth Conditional Win Rates
I will explore the win rates associated with some very specific game scenarios. For example, how often does a team win when taking the first Dragon in the first five minutes of the game? What are the win rates in 4-minute Tower trades for the teams that kill Bot vs. Top Tower? What are the win rates for players with Flash on D vs Flash on F? Win rates would be provided overall and separately by NA and EU LCS, LCK, and LMS.

Capitalization on Baron buffs
This stat would measure the average number of Towers + Inhibitors teams have been able to take during the 3-minute window after taking a Baron kill. Note: I only have this data for NA and EU LCS at this point, but will have it for other leagues in the future.