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NA LCS: Blowouts, Nailbiters, and Snowballs – Team Gold Spent Differentials from Spring 2015

How big of a lead did different NA LCS teams build up in their wins? How far behind were they in their losses? Take a look at teams’ Gold Spent Differentials overall, and by wins/losses, to see who built the biggest snowballs and who was barely able to eke out their victories.

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NA LCS Spring 2015 Jungle Share

Jungle Share measures each player’s share of all neutral minions killed during the game, and then averages each player’s shares over all games played.

NA LCS 2015 Spring Split Jungle Share

NA LCS Spring 2015 Jungle Share
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The highest jungle share went to Meteos of Cloud9, with 38.7%, miles ahead of Santorin’s second-place 33.0%.

Among Junglers, the smallest jungle share went to Winterfox’s Helios.

You can check out a lot more jungle farm statistics in the full GoldPer10 article: Jungle-Hungry: Neutral Minion Kill Statistics from the NA LCS 2015 Spring Split.

Scrying Orb: 10 Quick Stats on “League Leaders”

Welcome to a League Leaders edition of Scrying Orb. Here are 10 quick stats from weeks 1 to 8 of the 2015 NA LCS Spring Split. All statistics are drawn from the Oracle’s Elixir 2015 Spring Split Player Statistics page.

  • Kills: TSM WildTurtle leads the league in kills at 99.
  • Deaths: CST Cris has died more than anyone in NA, with 65 deaths.
  • Damage to Champions: TSM Bjergsen has done the most total damage to champions (383,500), followed by GV Cop (352,200).
  • Creep Score: GV Cop has the highest total CS this split (5.863), barely ahead of CLG DoubleLift’s 5,719.
  • Gold per Minute: CLG DoubleLift has the highest average earned GPM* at 309.6.
  • Gold Share: The ADC incarnation of WFX Altec gets the highest share of his team’s gold at 30%, followed by Cop’s 29%.
  • Non-ADC Gold Share: The highest gold share for a non-ADC goes to TIP XiaoWeiXiao, who ranks 9th overall.
  • Gold Lead @ 10 Minutes: The player with the highest average gold lead over their lane opponent at 10 minutes is TL Quas, with an average 318.8 gold lead, followed by TSM Bjergsen at 293.8. (Bonus Note: Bjergsen is the more consistent of the two, having never lost his lane match-up at 10 minutes, while Quas has been behind by 50+ gold twice.)
  • Ward Placement: The Support incarnation of WFX Altec placed the most wards per minute on average (1.36), but among players with at least 10 games in their position, TL Xpecial places the most wards per minute at 1.29.
  • Ward Clearing: WFX Altec, as Support, cleared 0.50 wards per minute on average, but among players with at least 10 games at their position, CLG Xmithie is the ward-clearing champion, at 0.39.

* Note: “earned” GPM excludes starting gold (475) and inherent gold-per-minute (1.9 per second, starting at 90 seconds). This statistic is also different from the one reported on because it is an average of all games, not an addition of all games, to reduce the influence of game length.