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LCS Early-Game Team Stats

Team Liquid have the best early game in North America, hands down.

Their early-game rating (EGR) of 70.7 means that they hit the 15:00 mark their games with an average win probability of 70.7%, the highest EGR among the major regions. That’s a clear improvement over Liquid’s spring regular season mark of 56.3, though with a smaller sample size, of course.

Liquid aren’t earning these leads by farming: their early lane and jungle control has actually been decidedly average. But Liquid are executing as a team and making intentional plays, which is far more valuable than mechanical laning advantages. When you take Liquid’s ~50% control of the early minions and monsters and then add an average of +1.4 kills, +0.3 towers, and +0.7 dragons, you get a team that is firmly in control as it enters the mid game.

Xmithie’s 63% First Blood rate (FB in 5 of 8 games) is definitely worth pointing out here.

Golden Guardians represent an interesting comparison point, since they have some of the highest early lane and jungle control in the league (51.7% for both) but just 54.0 EGR and +360 GD15. They’re giving up early kill deficits and going even on dragons, despite doing well in the lanes and knocking down some early towers. GGS are grabbing dragons later; in fact, they’re tied with Liquid to lead the LCS in overall drake control at 66%. Some extra priority on getting those drakes earlier in the game might be beneficial, though.

Win Probability Calculator Updated for 2019

I’ve just inserted the first set of early-game rating (EGR) coefficients for 2019, so you can go play with the win probability calculator!

A few findings from the early weeks of the year:

MSI Mid Laner Usage

There has been a lot of diversity in the of role of mid lane at the 2018 Mid-Season Invitational, from supportive champions like Karma and Sion to melee assassins like Yasuo, and even some roaming mages like Taliyah and Aurelion Sol.

This chart of damage share vs. CS share post-15-minutes shows how each team balanced their mid laner’s role throughout the group stage.

Caps is a standout, with three games on Yasuo and only one on a support champion (Karma). That has led to the highest damage share among mid laners, while also netting him high farm share, especially as he split pushes.

Meanwhile, Bdd’s use of Galio and Karma (two games each) as well as one game on Sion helped produce the lowest share of his team’s farm by a wide margin. Between that champion pool and Khan’s higher proportion of carries (Camille x3, Illaoi, Gnar, Vladimir), Bdd was relied on less for his damage output than most other mid laners.

It’s worth noting, though, that Bdd’s damage contributions were quite similar to Xiaohu’s and Pobelter’s even despite allowing his ADC and top laner to pick up so much more of his team’s farm. That’s a positive trait, even if it won’t earn much of a spotlight.