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Patch 5.16: Implications for the World Championships

The Patch Notes for patch 5.16 have just landed, bringing with them a massive range of changes. It’s a huge patch, the largest I can remember seeing outside of a preseason, and should heavily shake up the meta game. But today’s patch notes revealed that these changes might not see any pro play whatsoever before the World Championships arrive.

That piece of information came in the preamble to the patch notes, in this quote:

Before we dive in, let’s clear some things up for all the esports fans out there – 5.14 (the one with crazy Elise, #bigsorry) will be the one that the rest of playoffs including the gauntlet will be played on. Worlds will be played on 5.18, which means while we totally hear you about these changes being pretty huge before worlds, we’ve set aside the next two to react and tune as necessary (read: lighter touches) before these changes hit the big stage. -Scarizard

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Have Your Say: Viktor

Despite a Summer 2015 win/loss record of 135-171 (44%), an unimpressive tally, Viktor seems to keep topping analysts’ lists of top-tier mid lane champions. Why is Viktor so highly valued in pro play, despite his poor record? What are the reasons behind that record?

Have Your Say

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Background Information

Viktor’s Win Rates, Summer 2015
Regular Season + Playoffs

LCK: 50-56 (47%)
LPL: 48-49 (49%) (source:
LMS: 22-27 (45%)
NA LCS: 5-21 (19%)
EU LCS: 10-18 (36%)

Champion Stats
For additional information to help form your thoughts, check out the Champion Stats page and use the Champion filter to find Viktor’s stats, or filter to the Middle position to compare him against other mid laners.

TSM Dyrus: Playoff Performer

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Last weekend, Team SoloMid earned a Quarterfinals victory over Gravity, riding on the shoulders of their much-criticized Top laner, Dyrus. TSM built multiple team compositions around Dyrus’s unexpected Olaf pick, surprising many with their shift in strategy.

Dyrus played Olaf three times and Gnar once and delivered big time on those selections, earning a 4.0 KDA and averaging 72% kill participation, 23% damage share, and only 18% of his team’s deaths. It was an MVP-worthy performance, and gave the veteran plenty of cause to break from his often stoic demeanor and share a few smiles afterwards.

But while the Dyrus-centered strategy was a big change from TSM’s recent style of play, Dyrus’s performance should not have been at all surprising: if the Spring split taught us anything, it’s that Dyrus knows how to show up in the postseason.

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