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Academy Standouts: 2020 Summer Week 4

Academy Standouts highlights the players who performed best in the most recent week of NA Academy play. I’ll discuss a few of the most noteworthy players, then list some of the other strong performers below.

Fudge, Top, Cloud9

C9 Fudge 2020 Split 2.pngFudge keeps on keeping on, playing Ornn against CLG Academy and Camille against DIG Academy this week and excelling both in the rank role and the carry / split push position. His ownership of side lanes and big-time flank engages on Camille were especially impressive.

Fudge Stats, 2020 Summer Week 4

W4 12.0 55.8% -331 463 26.8%
Total 7.0 62.7% +372 549 26.8%

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