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NA LCS Third-Place Preview: TiP vs TL, Head to Head

Impulse and Liquid enter the Spring 2015 third-place match with chips on their shoulders, both teams eager to redeem themselves after Semifinals losses to Team Solo Mid and Cloud9, respectively. But more than pride is on the line: the winner of the third-place series will take home 20 additional Championship Points, which could make all the difference in earning a spot in the 2015 World Championship tournament.

Both teams have diverse international rosters: Team Impulse has two Korean players and a Chinese Mid laner, while Team Liquid also has two Koreans on its roster along with their Venezuelan Top. Even more intriguing is the World Champion pedigree on each team, with TiP’s Impact and TL’s Piglet sharing a World Championship victory in 2013 when both played for SKT T1 K in Korea.

Player nationalities aside, there are some very interesting head to head matchups to keep an eye on during the third-place series. Let’s take a look at some player and team statistics from the regular season and playoff games that both teams have played so far. We’ll try to get an idea of where each team’s advantages lie. Continue reading NA LCS Third-Place Preview: TiP vs TL, Head to Head

Cloud9’s Comeback: How Team Liquid Lost the Semifinals in Game 3

Team Liquid is fresh off a Semifinal loss to Cloud9 in a heartbreaking five-game series that looked to be well in hand after the first two games. Liquid had stormed out to a 2-0 series lead on the back of strong performances from Piglet’s 12-2-4 Lucian in Game 1, then FeniX’s surprising 9-1-10 Azir and Quas’s 7-2-7 Hecarim in Game 2. The team was riding high, and demonstrating their ability to carry from all three lanes.

A couple of hours later it had all melted away into bitter defeat after three straight losses, capped off by an opening skirmish in Game 5 that ended the game almost before it had even begun.

But long before Game 5 was decided in the first few minutes by LemonNation’s solo jungle harass, Team Liquid was mentally on the ropes. Cloud9’s Game 3 victory had given the higher-seeded team a surge of hope and a recipe for success, while on Liquid’s side the loss opened up old mental wounds, rekindling memories of the reverse sweep they suffered at the hands of LMQ in Summer 2014, a loss which denied them a chance to play at the World Championships.

Game 5 officially determined the winner of the series, but in many ways Game 3 was the deciding game. Continue reading Cloud9’s Comeback: How Team Liquid Lost the Semifinals in Game 3

NA LCS Semi-Final 2 Preview: Team Solo Mid vs. Team Impulse, Head to Head

The largest fan base in the NA LCS belongs to TSM, but Team Impulse, formerly LMQ, has been winning over plenty of fans of their own with their skirmish-heavy, aggressive play style, epitomized by their jungler Rush, the former Korean solo queue star. Now the two teams are set to face off in the second Semifinal of the 2015 Spring playoffs.

There has been plenty of debate about TiP’s chances to dethrone the reigning IEM World Champions, and perhaps surprisingly, TiP is getting a lot of popular support, in some cases even being called the favourites to make it to the NA Finals. In this article we’ll apply some statistics to the TSM/TiP matchup and see who has the advantage role by role, as well as looking at some overall team stats.

These stats don’t tell the whole story, but they draw attention to some interesting facets of the players and teams which we might not otherwise notice. I’ve presented my interpretations based on these numbers, but as always, I encourage everyone to draw their own conclusions!

To see a similar statistical breakdown of the other Semifinal, showcasing Cloud9 vs. Team Liquid, head over to the previous article. Continue reading NA LCS Semi-Final 2 Preview: Team Solo Mid vs. Team Impulse, Head to Head