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I saw a stat on [insert broadcast/website/article here], and the numbers at didn’t match! What’s wrong?
I am very confident in the accuracy of the data on If I ever suspect a possible error, I avoid using the affected numbers, and I drop everything and work to diagnose and solve the problem.

That said, the most common reason you might see non-matching numbers on, say, an LCS broadcast, is that the broadcasts calculate some of their numbers differently than I do. (The definitions for the stats I report can be found on the Definitions page.) I use averages in some statistics, to reduce the influence of game length, while the LCS broadcasts do not. For example, I calculate wards per minute (WPM) and Damage Share (Dmg%) by separately calculating a player’s WPM and Dmg% for each individual game, then averaging across all games. In the past, LCS broadcasts have based their Dmg% on adding up the totals of all games, then dividing, which causes longer games to influence the results more than shorter games. Neither approach is inherently correct or incorrect, but it can lead to small differences.

The second reason you might see non-matching numbers is that Riot’s internal stats reporting can occasionally have very small discrepancies with the data they post to the Match History pages. All of the differences found so far have been small, and don’t threaten the usefulness of the data.

Why is the LPL (China) data so limited?
Unfortunately, the LPL does not release match history pages, so data cannot be collected from LPL matches the way it can from other regions. Any LPL data must be collected by hand, which is far more time-consuming and gives access to far less detail. Some LPL data is now being reported, thanks to a partnership with, but a full set of statistics is not available.

Can you add this [league/season/statistic] to the match data downloads?
I’m open to adding more data into the files I’m releasing, but only within reason. Leagues can be added to the site, and subsequently to the downloads, if there is enough popular demand (so send me a note on Twitter or elsewhere if you want to add your voice!). Adding more leagues requires time for data entry and maintenance, though.

Adding more variables is a different question. I’d prefer to keep the data files from becoming bloated or difficult to use. I’m willing to hear requests, and I’ll make decisions about variables to include on a case-by-case basis.


11 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. Hello.
    I would like to know if there’s any way I could download the player stats tables from each league.

      1. If I may ask. I definitely understand if you don’t want to answer this. Do you have any tips and tricks on pulling professional match data from the API?

        1. Hey Michael! Unfortunately, esports match data is not available through the Riot API. I would point you towards some ideas for gathering the data, but the situation has been changing this offseason so I’m not sure how things will end up for 2020 and onward.

          1. Hi! I would be interested in learning more about your ideas for gathering data. I’ve explored a bit but haven’t really made much progress. I’m really impressed with all the data you’ve been able to gather.

  2. Hi,

    Didn’t see a mention above so I wanted to verify what was written on the downloads page. Is the data that you make available for download free for use by anyone without any restrictions?

    Thanks for your response!

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