Oracle’s Elixir 2.0 – Coming Soon

Oracle’s Elixir has always provided the most advanced, comprehensive League of Legends esports analytics. To help push that mission forward, a brand new Oracle’s Elixir will be launching very soon, with everything rebuilt from the ground up. Not only will the new site provide more data, faster page loads, and coverage of a ton more leagues from around the world; it will also allow me to invest more effort into innovating even more ways of measuring team and player performance.

You can preview the new site now at

Some of the new features you’ll see at launch include:

  • Filter any stats table by map side or patch range
  • Check stats from 24 different leagues around the world, and counting! Newly supported leagues including TCL (and Academy), LFL, LDL, OPL, LJL, etc.
  • See champion stats for any supported league
  • Download match data CSVs for all supported leagues going back to 2014

Many more features will be coming in future, now that the site’s structure and underlying databases have been upgraded. I’m planning to add player and team profile pages, solo queue analytics, additional filters, and more. If you have feature ideas or requests, let me know!

Since Oracle’s Elixir launched in early 2015, the site’s core design and functionality have barely changed. I created the original OE on WordPress, powered by Excel spreadsheets with underlying VBA macros. Data ingestion and site updates were very slow and laborious. I’ve invested thousands of hours into managing spreadsheets, uploading data files to the site, and creating pages and adding them to menus, not to mention building and fixing the spreadsheets along the way. With the new technology and automation I’ve built for the site and databases, I’ll finally be able to channel that effort into building new features and improving the site.

Thank you for being part of the journey so far, and I hope you’ll enjoy the new Oracle’s Elixir when it launches in the coming weeks.

Tim “Mag1c” Sevenhuysen

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