Academy Standouts: 2020 Summer Week 1

Academy Standouts highlights the players who performed best in the most recent week of NA Academy play. I’ll discuss three of the most noteworthy players, then list some of the other strong performers below.

If you want to track your favourite team’s Academy performance throughout each split, you can also check out the Academy stats pages, starting with 2020 Spring regular season player stats and team stats.

Triple, Mid, FlyQuest

FLY Triple 2020 Split 2.pngWith Damonte returning to the LCS, there’s an opportunity for another player to step into his position as the best Mid in Academy. In week 1, Triple made a strong argument for slotting him into that spot.

Triple Stats, 2020 Summer Week 1

W1 12.5 86.2% +1,570 463 31.7%

Triple absolutely crushed both of his lane matchups, taking Syndra into Insanity’s Jayce and Corki into Palafox’s Karma. His +1,570 GXD10 is an astonishing number. But he didn’t just sit in his lane farming; he also evaded and received ganks well, made an arguably game-winning early Package play on Corki, and had strong team fight positioning to create picks and plays on his Syndra. He was proactive and decisive. Hopefully he can keep up this level of play.

Contractz, Jungle, 100 Thieves

100 Contractz 2020 Split 1.pngThere are several strong junglers in Academy, some of whom have had opportunities in the past to stick in the LCS. Contractz is one of them, and this week he played against two of the others, defeating both. His Nidalee overcame Inori’s Graves in a battle of carry junglers in the first game, then his Trundle defeated AnDa’s Lee Sin in game 2.

Contractz Stats, 2020 Summer Week 1

W1 6.6 89.2% 22.7% +604 420

Prismal, Bot, 100 Thieves

100 Prismal 2020 Split 1.pngPrismal put up huge numbers across the board in the opening week, with enormous damage output and high kill participation, and he did it while playing with a brand new rookie Supoort and facing the league’s strongest support in C9A’s Diamond, and Academy’s most experienced bot lane duo, EGA’s Deftly and Matt. His Aphelios ults were game-winning, and he was impressively aggressive on Kalista. More please!

Prismal Stats, 2020 Summer Week 1

W1 15.5 83.8% +457 827 32.1%

Additional Standouts

The following players, in alphabetical order, also caught my eye.

  • Diamond, Support, Cloud9
  • Evolved, Mid, TSM
  • Fanatiik, Jungle, FlyQuest
  • Fudge, Top, Cloud9
  • Lost, Bot, TSM
  • Revenge, Top, FlyQuest
  • Yusui, Mid, Team Liquid
  • ZionSpartan, Top, Golden Guardians

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