Academy All Stars: 2020 Spring

I’ve been watching Academy closely all split, and highlighting the standout performers each week. Now that the regular season has wrapped, it’s time to assess the entire nine weeks of work and honour the best player at each position.

NOTE: I’m unable to report full-split stats for these players due to ongoing issues with Riot’s match history service, but you can see the stats for weeks 1 through 8 here.

Scroll to the end for the TL;DR of 1st-team and 2nd-team selections.

TOP: Lourlo, Dignitas

5 Academy Standouts Appearances

As I wrote in the week 9 Academy Standouts: Damonte is still the biggest star of DIG Academy, but if you want to see the foundations Damonte is standing on, keep your eyes on the top lane.

Lourlo has been a consistent performer, often working in the shadows of his carries but doing everything his team needed him to do.

JUNGLE: AnDa, Evil Geniuses

5 Academy Standouts Appearances

AnDa has been crucial to EG Academy’s success this split. He paired well with 5fire and helped the rookie look quite good over the course of 12 games, then picked up a new partnership with GIyuu, once the import mid was able to join the team, without missing a beat.

MID: Damonte, Dignitas

7 Academy Standouts Appearances

Damonte has made Academy his playground this split, roaming all over the map and making play after play. The biggest flaw in his play has been his over-activity, sometimes trying to force unnecessary outplays because he seems to think he can do just about anything if he tries hard enough.

In this league, he’s not far wrong.

BOT: K1ng, Cloud9

6 Academy Standouts Appearances

K1ng has been the most impressive player from the great Oceanic Influx of 2020. Though Fudge, Triple, and Shernfire have all competed well, K1ng has been something else, standing head and shoulders above the other Academy bot laners. K1ng has done it all: crushed his lane, soaked up farm, pumped out damage. His 683 DPM through the first eight weeks is more than 130 DPM higher than any other starting Academy bot laner. Along with FBI on Golden Guardians and Lost on TSM Academy, K1ng is proving that Oceania boasts some strong bot laners, and he may be the best of them all.

SUPPORT: Diamond, Cloud9

4 Academy Standouts Appearances

As K1ng’s duo partner, Diamond had plenty of opportunities to stand out, and he made the most of them. He wasn’t just good as the partner to the league’s strongest bot laner; he was very good in his own right. In some games, he worked with Inori to help K1ng get fed. In other games, he and K1ng played weak side, with Diamond defending K1ng and ensuring that they gave up the minimum against enemy pressure.

Diamond is the only first-team All Star who has not been a starter in a top-tier pro league, but I suspect that won’t be true for much longer.

Spring 2020 Academy All Stars

Top Jungle Mid Bot Support
1st Team Lourlo AnDa Damonte K1ng Diamond
2nd Team Fudge Inori Yusui Lost Breezyyy

Congratulations to all of these players, and good luck in the playoffs!

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