Academy Standouts: 2020 Spring Week 9

Academy Standouts highlights the players who performed best in the most recent week of NA Academy play. I’ll discuss three of the most noteworthy players, either the best performers or new standouts who haven’t shown up on the list before, and then list 7 other strong performers below.

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Lourlo, Top, Dignitas

Lourlo continues to play a role and a champion pool that puts Damonte’s and Fenix’s needs above his own, and in so doing, he continues to be the foundation for much of the team’s success. He may not be racking up as many kills, or making as many flashy plays, but his reliability and timing have been a great fit with Damonte’s dynamism.

Lourlo’s engage work was on display this week, especially on Sett against IMT Academy. As Ornn against TSM Academy, he made a valuable early Teleport play to consolidate Fenix’s advantage and allow Fenix to snowball into a big carry performance, and he turned small wins into big wins and salvaged lost team fights later on with his CC.

Damonte is still the biggest star of DIG Academy, but if want to see the foundations Damonte is standing on, keep your eyes on Lourlo in DIG Academy’s playoff run.

Due to ongoing issues with Riot’s Match History service, statistics from Week 9 are not yet available.

Inori, Jungle, Cloud9

Inori got to play Rek’sai against EG Academy and Elise against TL Academy, and put those aggressive early tools to good use with lots of ganking and snowbally carry performances.

Both AnDa and Shernfire put up strong opposition–they’ve been competing with Inori as arguably the three strongest junglers in Academy this split–and though Inori didn’t make either of those players look bad, he did manage to shine brighter than both of his opponents.

If Inori can maintain this form, he’s going to be a crucial part of C9 Academy’s charge towards the Academy Finals.

Due to ongoing issues with Riot’s Match History service, statistics from Week 9 are not yet available.

ZionSpartan, Top, Golden Guardians

It wasn’t a great split for GG Academy, despite the team showing good promise, especially early on. ZionSpartan was probably the most consistent performer on the team, and he stepped in week 9 to put a positive spin on the end of their split.

ZionSpartan’s Sett made Deus’s Vladimir look silly in GG Academy’s first game of the week, earning multiple solo kills and freely working away at turrets. He picked up Sett again vs. FLY Academy, and while he couldn’t gain the same early advantage into Revenge’s Ornn, he still found ways to have good impact on the game through his split pushing, and performed well in team fights.

With a mid-season break ahead, ZionSpartan and his teammates have some work to do as they figure out what went wrong, but ZionSpartan’s week 9 showing suggests that top lane isn’t that high on their list of challenges.

Due to ongoing issues with Riot’s Match History service, statistics from Week 9 are not yet available.

Additional Standouts

The following players, in alphabetical order, also caught my eye.

  • Damonte, Mid, Dignitas
  • Deftly, Bot, Evil Geniuses
  • Fenix, Bot, Dignitas
  • Fudge, Top, Cloud9
  • K1ng, Bot, Cloud9
  • Triple, Mid, FlyQuest
  • Yusui, Mid, Team Liquid

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