Academy Standouts: 2020 Spring Week 8

Academy Standouts highlights the players who performed best in the most recent week of NA Academy play. I’ll discuss three of the most noteworthy players, either the best performers or new standouts who haven’t shown up on the list before, and then list 7 other strong performers below.

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K1ng, Bot, Cloud9

K1ng is making a charge for Academy MVP, putting up nearly a thousand damage per minute in week 8 while topping +1k GXD10. Playing poke champions like Ezreal and Varus helps boost the damage number, but the great lane outcomes and KDA show that K1ng didn’t just pad his stats; he earned it.

K1ng Stats, 2020 Spring Week 8
Numbers in parentheses are rank within own position.

W8 10.0 63.8% +1,087 978 35.3%
Total 6.6 70.2% +593 683 35.9%

K1ng and Diamond managed to lose their Ezreal Tahm Kench game against 100 Academy’s Varus Nautilus gracefully, and then carry in the mid game. Then K1ng picked up the Varus himself against CLG Academy and he and Diamond punished the creative Taliyah Pyke duo that was attempted against them.

A shoutout goes to Diamond for doing well on Tahm Kench in both games to keep K1ng safe, repositioning him in team fights, and helping him win his lane matchups. Diamond has been the relatively unsung portion of the duo, but is looking like one of the most LCS-ready Supports in Academy this year.

Yusui, Mid, Team Liquid

Yusui’s combat stats for the week (and all split, for that matter) aren’t that impressive, with very low Kill Participation in particular, but that’s a symptom of the heavy split pushing he was undertaking on Irelia vs. EG Academy and Sylas vs. GG Academy.

Yusui Stats, 2020 Spring Week 8
Numbers in parentheses are rank within own position.

W8 2.3 43.2% +917 503 26.7%
Total 3.5 61.8% +218 471 24.6%

Yusui crushed both of his lane matchups, solo killing Giyuu despite getting counterpicked and earning full freedom in his lane against Ablazeolive’s Ornn.

Yusui’s shotcalling still needs some work, as evidenced by TL Academy’s thrown lead against EG Academy, but he was successful in leading his team to victory against GG Academy.

AnDa, Jungle, Evil Geniuses

AnDa and the rest of EG Academy struggled in their first game of the week, falling way behind to TL Academy before making a miracle comeback due to TL Academy’s failed close-out due to weak macro, but AnDa’s Elise still managed to contribute well to the comeback despite being a weak late-game champion, and his Lee Sin against DIG Academy in the second game completely redeemed his week.

AnDa Stats, 2020 Spring Week 8
Numbers in parentheses are rank within own position.

W8 4.6 65.7% 20.0% -92 379
Total 6.7 76.7% 15.5% +24 240

AnDa isn’t the only Jungler who has outplayed Grig since his demotion to DIG Academy, but AnDa has probably done so most convincingly. His partnership with Giyuu completely shut down Damonte, and if Damonte can’t do what he wants, DIG Academy is mortal.

Additional Standouts

The following players, in alphabetical order, also caught my eye.

  • Brandini, Top, Evil Geniuses
  • Deus, Top, Counter Logic Gaming
  • Diamond, Support, Cloud9
  • Jenkins, Top, Team Liquid
  • JayJ, Support, FlyQuest
  • Lost, Bot, Team SoloMid
  • Palafox, Mid, Cloud9

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