Academy Standouts: 2020 Spring Week 6

Academy Standouts highlights the players who performed best in the most recent week of NA Academy play. I’ll discuss three of the most noteworthy players, either the best performers or new standouts who haven’t shown up on the list before, and then list 7 other strong performers below.

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Fudge, Top, Cloud9

Fudge contributed a Gangplank and a Sett to C9 Academy’s wins over GG Academy and DIG Academy. He’s definitely starting to make good on the promise he showed in OPL Summer 2019, earning his second Standouts appearance in the last three weeks.

Fudge Stats, 2020 Spring Week 6
Numbers in parentheses are rank within own position.

W6 6.0 60.0% +83 637 23.4%
Total 5.5 60.4% +172 433 23.9%

In C9 Academy’s win over DIG Academy, Fudge played an excellent Sett, earning massive advantages for his team during the lane phase. His reception on an early Inori gank created a Teleport advantage which he then used to match a Damonte roam and win his team a big team fight in the bot lane. Then he made a big engage at the second Herald that produced a triple kill for K1ng, which led to an enormous snowball. It was the kind of top lane performance that often goes unrecognized, but allows the carries to stand up and take all the glory!

K1ng, Bot, Cloud9

In his week 6 games, K1ng averaged over a thousand damage per minute.


He also shredded his lane opponents for massive gold and experience advantages with two appearances on lane-bullying Miss Fortune.

K1ng Stats, 2020 Spring Week 6
Numbers in parentheses are rank within own position.

W6 11.3 85.0% +1,103 1,009 37.8%
Total 5.7 73.8% +402 664 36.3%

K1ng’s “supporting cast” has been getting better; he wouldn’t be able to perform nearly this well without the play of Fudge and Diamond. But a Bot laner’s job is to take the opportunities presented to him and make good with damage output, and K1ng couldn’t have done much better this week.

As a side note: sure would be nice if I could find any photos of K1ng on the LoLesports Flickr

Cao, Support, Team Liquid

Cao played Thresh and Yuumi and put himself in the right place at the right time throughout the weekend. He especially displayed growing synergy with Shernfire with his movements out of lane. Cao worked with Tactical to destroy Altec and Gate in lane in his Thresh game, then paired very effectively with Shernfire to nurse his Olaf into a better state after a slow start, eventually helping dominate 100 Academy as the Olaf+Yuumi grew into an unstoppable duo.

Cao Stats, 2020 Spring Week 6
Numbers in parentheses are rank within own position.

W6 21.0 75.0% 11.1% 1.13 0.15
Total 2.0 63.9% 26.1% 1.47 0.25

TL Academy have been coming on hard in recent weeks and making a charge for the playoffs. With Rikara now joining the team in response to Tactical’s promotion to LCS, Cao will have to step up even more to maintain TLA’s momentum.

One key area for further improvement is Cao’s vision metrics. He doesn’t clear very many wards compared to other Support players, and sweeping vision is a key part of making effective roams.

Additional Standouts

The following players, in alphabetical order, also caught my eye.

  • Allorim, Top, Immortals
  • AnDa, Jungle, Evil Geniuses
  • Damonte, Mid, Dignitas
  • Deftly, Bot, Evil Geniuses
  • Diamond, Support, Cloud9
  • Tactical, Bot, Team Liquid
  • Yusui, Mid, Team Liquid

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