Academy Standouts: 2020 Spring Week 3

Academy Standouts highlights the players who performed best in the most recent week of NA Academy play.

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Potluck, Jungle, Immortals

My expectations for Potluck coming into 2020 were not especially high. He’s had some time in Academy with the Golden Guardians organization but never stood out or, from my perspective, seemed to demonstrate that much potential.

With Immortals so far this year, he’s showing that potential, and his week 3 performances especially stood out.

Potluck Stats, 2020 Spring Week 3
Numbers in parentheses are rank within own position.

W3 4.2 61.8% +1,270 343 22.0%
Total 6.0 (3rd) 72.0% (3rd) +1,044 (1st) 283 (3rd) 16.4% (1st)

As Rek’sai against 100 Academy, Potluck farmed efficiently and took advantage of Contractz’s risky pathing, then out-executed Contractz on early ganks and matched his pathing over and over to help set both himself and Apollo up for success. Then as Gragas against CLG Academy, Potluck had a couple of mistakes early, but he worked well with Allorim and Insanity to start controlling the river post-6, and his team fight contributions in the mid-game were huge, especially the engage near dragon pit where he paired with Gate to effectively win the game in one fell swoop.

Potluck’s coach, Kubz, describes Potluck as a fast learner and a hard worker, and told me Potluck is “the catalyst for our early game.” Those are great ingredients for a developing talent.

IMT Academy are performing above my expectations, partly because their macro has been much cleaner than you typically see in Academy (a credit to their coaching staff!), and partly because of the role Potluck is playing.

Ablazeolive, Mid, Golden Guardians

Despite an 0-2 record on the week, Ablazeolive managed to stand out by making some huge plays on Cassiopeia, both salvaging bad situations to open up cross-map opportunities for his team, and landing 4-man ults in team fights. His Mordekaiser showed that he could succeed individually with a different play style, too.

Ablazeolive Stats, 2020 Spring Week 3
Numbers in parentheses are rank within own position.

W3 2.0 82.4% +349 571 32.6%
Total 2.5 (8th) 84.1% (1st) +239 (3rd) 610 (2nd) 33.9% (2nd)

It’s hard to shine when your team is struggling, but Ablazeolive is showing up and giving his team opportunities. I think we’ll see more from him, and from GG as a whole, in the coming weeks.

Lost, Bot, Team SoloMid

Lost mostly stood out in his team’s first game, against GG Academy. His Aphelios got a great start with a couple of kills in lane, and he positioned well in team fights later on to carry.

In TSM Academy’s loss to DIG Academy, Lost and Treatz held up well against the Fenix/Olleh duo and again found a 2v2 kill in lane, after getting some early help from Dhokla’s TP. Once again, I noticed good things from Lost’s positioning.

Lost Stats, 2020 Spring Week 3
Numbers in parentheses are rank within own position.

W3 4.2 75.0% +1,052 515 27.3%
Total 5.4 (4th) 74.0% (5th) +31 (4th) 557 (3rd) 31.5% (2nd)

I wouldn’t necessarily say Lost was a star this week, but he was a bright point for TSM Academy in a week of mixed results.

Dignitas Academy

With the quality of DIG Academy’s roster and their 6-0 record so far, I could highlight one or more of their players every single week, but that would get old.

Lourlo, Akaadian, Damonte, Fenix, and Olleh all looked pretty good in week 3, but none really leapt out as consistent stars throughout both of their games. Lourlo struck me as their best performer in his Aatrox game against C9 Academy, and Damonte did some noteworthy things on Ekko against TSM Academy. Fenix and Akaadian both looked really good against TSM Academy but weren’t as clean in the first game.

Additional Standouts

The following players, in alphabetical order, also caught my eye.

  • Allorim, Top, Immortals
  • Apollo, Bot, Immortals
  • AnDa, Jungle, Evil Geniuses
  • Deftly, Bot, Evil Geniuses
  • Gate, Support, Immortals
  • Insanity, Mid, Immortals
  • ZionSpartan, Top, Golden Guardians

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