Academy Standouts: 2020 Spring Week 2

Academy Standouts highlights the players who performed best in the most recent week of NA Academy play.

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Breezyyy, Support, 100 Thieves

In games on Lulu and Rakan, Breezyyy put together two strong showings, especially shining on the Rakan as 100 Thieves Academy took down Team Liquid Academy. Strong laning alongside Prismal led to kills and forced opponent Summoner Spells, and Breezyyy’s disengages and peel in team fights were crucial to allowing Prismal to shine as a carry.

Breezyyy Stats, 2020 Spring Week 2

W2 15.3 88.5% 13.0% 1.38 0.23
Total 10.0 77.9% 14.6% 1.33 0.20

Breezyyy’s coach, Kelsey Moser, described him to me as “a very positive player with good instincts for the game and an eagerness to learn from the team.” If he keeps learning and shows this level of laning skill and awareness of his role in a team composition, we’ll be seeing Breezyyy on this list more in future weeks.

Damonte, Mid, Dignitas

Another week, another standout showing from Damonte. This time, he did it on Rumble against Yusui’s Viktor and on LeBlanc against Triple’s Lissandra. In signature style, Damonte got out of his lane and affected the map, played aggressively, and drove his team forward. His roaming led to lost CS and a low XP difference number (-401 XPD10 in week 2), but the value he gains and creates elsewhere on the map is worthwhile.

Damonte Stats, 2020 Spring Week 2

W2 16.5 82.5% -339 620/32.6% 7.6
Total 9.7 76.4% +234 670/32.5% 7.9

Damonte is good at stepping out of his lane into fog of war whenever he has an opening, whether or not he is actually committing to a roam, and he did well in team fights, especially on Rumble. Week 2 featured a few more arrogant LeBlanc plays from Damonte, but his overall performance has created plenty of room for him to have those slip-ups, and his aggression is keeping opponents on their toes.

Deftly, Bot, Evil Geniuses

Deftly played Senna and Miss Fortune and had big games on both, landing big ults in team fights and capitalizing on the openings his teammates created for him. He soaked up a ton of farm this week, and paid back the investment with an impressive 621 DPM and only one death in two games.

Deftly Stats, 2020 Spring Week 2

W2 21.0 72.4% +353 621/31.9% 9.8
Total 2.6 63.9% -85 450/28.2% 9.3

Evil Geniuses will hope that their week 2 can keep the momentum going, after a throwaway week 1 where they had to borrow from their LCS roster and suffer through some role-switching while they waited to sort out some unfortunate behind-the-scenes issues with their originally intended jungler and mid. Now that AnDa and 5fire have slotted in, Deftly was able to achieve much more, even though his personal level in week 1 wasn’t that bad.

Lourlo, Top, Dignitas

As part of the Dignitas Academy “super team”, Lourlo is bound to stand out in at least some of their games! His Sett against Team Liquid Academy and Aatrox against FlyQuest Academy made statements that he’s not just a passenger on this veteran-stacked lineup.

W2 13.0 65.0% -337 356/18.8% 7.3
Total 17.7 59.6% +242 383/19.1% 7.5

As Aatrox, Lourlo went deathless against an enemy comp that featured Blitzcrank, Ornn, Lissandra, and a reasonably fed Aphelios, champions that should have been able to pick and peel him pretty reliably. But Lourlo crushed Revenge in lane and showed up well for the team fights. Lourlo got shut down in lane on Sett by Jenkins’ Kennen, but his ults were very influential despite the deficit.

AnDa, Jungle, Evil Geniuses

AnDa burst back into the LCS/Academy scene with a monster scoreline, including a 6.0 CS per minute number that is simply absurd for a jungler–maybe too high, even, if you want to argue that his carries should be getting that farm! His damage output and team fight contributions justify him enough for that “greed”, though. AnDa’s Jarvan IV game against Golden Guardians Academy was his real high point, with calm pathing that smoothly survived Hard’s level 2 invade and team fighting that gave Deftly and 5fire time and space to work with.

W2 23.0 79.3% +224 300/15.7% 6.0
Total 23.0 79.3% +224 300/15.7% 6.0

On the down side, I wasn’t entirely happy with the macro-focused approach AnDa took in his Elise game against TSM Academy. On a jungler designed for early ganking, AnDa played a farm-and-control path that failed to either take advantage of 5fire’s lane freezes on Pantheon to gank and create a snowball, or apply pressure to help 5fire get out of lane and roam. AnDa farmed up and contributed to macro, and did a good job there, but he had opportunities to do more, and to play a bit more directly to the team’s win conditions.

Additional Standouts

The following players, in alphabetical order, also caught my eye.

  • Akaadian, Jungle, Dignitas
  • Fenix, Bot, Dignitas
  • Jenkins, Top, Team Liquid
  • K1ng, Bot, Cloud9
  • Prismal, Bot, 100 Thieves
  • Soligo, Mid, 100 Thieves
  • Spica, Jungle, Team SoloMid

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