Analyst Challenge – Team Comms, October 12

October 12, 2019 Challenge

The analyst challenge from day 1 of the 2019 World Championships group stage asked you to take a screenshotted moment from J Team vs. FunPlus Phoenix and explain what information you would be sharing with your team in voice comms. Would you remind your team of your priorities and win conditions, point out enemy positioning or key cooldowns, or make a plan for an upcoming macro move or team fight?

Here’s the challenge tweet.


Caster Joshua “Jatt” Leesman offered up a troll response before providing some legit analysis.

@Champlawl offered a similar assessment of FPX’s ability to contest the dragon, suggesting that FPX try something more creative during the setup.

Not to be outdone by his fellow caster, Aaron “Medic” Chamberlain offered up a plea for Doinb’s itemization.

Tim’s Take

The TP discrepancy is key in this situation, as Jatt pointed out. FPX has to make a choice: either give up some top lane pressure by starting to rotate GimGoon towards mid lane so that he join a fight for dragon, or recognize that they can’t contest the dragon and begin moving to set up control elsewhere on the map for the next macro cycle.

When FPX decided to leave GimGoon in the top lane but still contest the dragon, they were already in trouble, regardless of Lwx’s big mistake losing a 1v1 to Lilv. Because of Lwx’s mistake, a bad situation turned into a big loss for FPX, but the chances of them winning that engagement were low to start with.

I personally would have leaned towards rotating GimGoon down on the map, because FPX’s win conditions are team fighting with Lwx as the core carry. A team fight at this point is winnable if the fight starts the right way, especially if GimGoon can get good value from his Mordekaiser ult.

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