Analyst Challenge – Win Conditions, September 14

September 14, 2019 Challenge

Saturday’s analyst challenge asked you to look at a draft from one of the weekend’s LEC games and describe the win conditions for one of the two teams.

I was pretty impressed with the number of people who were able to identify important things for each team to try to achieve. Some of you were able to communicate those ideas more clearly and directly than others. Next time I run a challenge like this one, I intend to require the answer to fit in a single tweet, to help people stay away from describing specific plays or prescribing detailed pathing and timings, and instead focus on concise themes and ideas that the team should be building their paths and timings around.

Check out some of the responses below!

Blue Side

Nelson Sng, the coach of Li-Ning Gaming, focused on getting the most value out of the unconventional jungle Qiyana pick.

Maplestreet, a retired LCS pro who currently coaches Sengoku Gaming in Japan, had a specific game plan in mind for the blue team.

Red Side

Regular participant Weexiao, most recently of Diabolus Esports, offered advice for the red side.

Cody Gerard, coach and analyst who has worked with Rogue, Roccat, and others, wanted the red team to look for dives and picks before falling into a 1-3-1 later.


Locodoco couldn’t resist chiming in on both sides!

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