Game Notes – 2019 Summer Week 3, FLYA vs CGA


FLYA Poppy Nocturne Sylas Xayah Rakan
CGA Kennen Jarvan IV Aatrox Sivir Morgana

  • Magerdanger paths red krugs blue, spotted by an early ward from Wadid, uses sweeper to clear it. Magerdanger would’ve had lvl 3 for an early bot gank to punish the lvl 2 shove from FLYA bot lane, so good player from both Wadid and Magerdanger to recognize that window and handle it appropriately.
  • Maxi’s first path sets him up to take bot scuttle with Strompest’s help, while Magerdanger loops back top to look for a gank and then take top scuttle. Problem is that Magerdanger doesn’t call off the gank instantly once Engo shows that he’s safe, so Maxi has time to run through mid and contest scuttle with Strompest, who still has early shove. Maxi got both scuttles now and has a farm lead, pretty big mistake from Magerdanger.
  • 5:00 Strompest TPs back to lane onto a deepish ward that Sun hadn’t seen, and Maxi comes to lane gank at the same time, Sun has to Flash. Oh boy. FLYA use that prio (Sun resetting) to take a free ocean drake.
  • FLYA bot lane continuing to hold prio, and the mid lane prio is helping them freely get shallow wards on both sides of the river. Magerdanger’s Jarvan gank threat is almost nonexistent for a while.
  • 8:30 Magerdanger hovering mid, finally sees an opening to go but casually misses his E+Q. Strompest takes no damage, FLYA get info, Maxi is now pulling away in farm.
  • 10:00 Magerdanger has been hovering mid more, now goes to gather blue buff, then starts moving to collapse mid with Joey, but Maxi Wadid make the play first, Nocturne ult, Rakan followup, FLYA get FB onto Sun and kill Magerdanger on the counterplay attempt too. Erry used prio to get up to join, while Rikara was still catching farm bot and didn’t move. FLYA get infernal after, too.
  • 11:30 Joey and Rikara make a play mid for a kill; Erry gets lots of free push bot, 3? solo turret plates and FT gold. CGA get Herald.
  • 13:00 Magerdanger Joey make another play mid, another kill onto Strompest.
    • Good work by Joey on these mid lane plays, but he and Rikara gave away so much in bot lane and got no help at all from Sun and Magerdanger.
    • After this one, CGA swap duo mid and go into 1-3-1, but they’re doing it from a big tempo deficit and against a fed Nocturne.
  • 16:00 CGA are 1-3-1ing defensively, not good, and they have to force a Herald mid up the gut, only get the charge damage plus a little bit of prio into dragon setup.
    • FLYA have all the initial vision control, even stealing CGA blue buff while the Herald is happening, and Nocturne Sylas Rakan are in flank on one side, Poppy on the other, way in advance.
    • Great engage from Wadid, but CGA comp works well, fight goes 2-2 but FLYA retain control. They don’t get infernal, don’t think they have a strong enough posture on the map after, though they actually could have taken it if they had the info that CGA had all reset.
      • CGA probably should have won this fight, FLYA didn’t execute well enough.
      • FLYA only won this fight because somehow Sun didn’t get an assist on killing Sylas, so his Aatrox passive didn’t proc.
      • Maxi was pretty delayed actually going in, took a long time to decide and didn’t make the best use of Wadid’s CC duration. FLYA prioritization wasn’t in sync, some trying to kill Aatrox first (Engo led this, and it was a good call IMO), but Maxi went onto Sivir late instead.
  • 17:00 After both team resets, CGA make a play mid and trade kills 1-1. Both teams move towards infernal, Joey lands binding that creates a kill, but Magerdanger’s followup gets him killed too. (Magerdanger has Phage, should be doing pure tank in this comp, is too squishy.) Magerdanger’s death means CGA can’t commit to grabbing dragon, so they set a brush trap instead, commit halfheartedly, Sun gets killed. Engo is back up, TPs in, FLYA get dragon.
  • Now CGA are basically just trying to play mid lane, scared to side lane because of Nocturne, and very little map control because they haven’t killed any towers.
  • 23:30 CGA are set up early for infernal spawn. FLYA engage onto Rikara, he lives through it and Flashes back, CGA back up into a choke and kill Maxi. CGA settle down, resecure mid prio and dragon positioning, Rodov flanks to force Engo’s Poppy to peel him, CGA secure infernal.
    • On FLYA side, no one dove backline with Maxi. Strompest went after Aatrox, Engo was peeling, Wadid just didn’t execute from the right position, Rakan ulted too early and got zoned a bit.
  • FLYA have all the side lane prio, therefore all the river and vision control. They still haven’t taken mid outer though, so it’s hard for them to get full Baron vision. They should be calling in Strompest and Engo for more dedicated collapses just to shove turret and chip it while CGA are catching side lanes. Not going to break through Sivir’s wave clear without a really intentional effort and threatening a dive probably.
  • 29:15 CGA 5-man mid, hard-force engage onto Erry. Sun and Rodov are way too far behind to follow up Magerdanger’s CC, so Erry lives. Bad coordination; either an antsy call by Magerdanger, or just poor positioning from Sun Rodov.
    • Engo and Strompest TP in from side lanes, Engo’s Poppy ult sucks (knocks them back in the direction they were already kiting), Maxi Nocturne ults in as part of the chase but now CGA are clumped up, Maxi dies instantly. Fight goes 2-2 in the end, but FLYA spent 2 TPs for it and now can’t side lane for a while.
  • 31:15 Engo shoved in bot and Rodov is catching the wave, and Strompest has just touched swords with Sun in top lane. Strompest gets first move down river towards mid, FLYA collapse and engage. Maxi has GA this time. CGA are just really scattered, can’t use their bruiser factor properly, Erry steps up and finishes the fight well. FLYA 4-2, finally finish mid tower, also get mid inner and ocean drake.
  • 33:00 Next team fight. Magerdanger dives in and pops, FLYA take 2-1 fight and get Baron. Baron leads to two quick inhibs
    • Erry is starting to really carry hard, has picked up a ton of farm this game, is fading CGA’s engages and stepping up later in fights once the CC is down.
    • Strompest has also scaled up a lot, living through most fights. If CGA can’t kill Strompest, they aren’t going to win fights probably.
  • In the late game, all CGA could do is continuously force 5v5s, and FLYA had the map control and compositional tools to turn those fights around repeatedly.

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