Snapshot Challenge 24:12

The challenge: look at a screenshot of a specific point in a game of League of Legends and use the available information to recommend their next move.

Today’s scenario is a mid-game situation where our protagonists, the red team, have a split push set up with Trundle, Gragas, Taliyah, Varus, and Rakan, against the blue team’s Shen, Sejuani, Lissandra, Tristana, and Taric.

Here’s the screenshot:

A couple of responses came in from professionals:

Thank you to everyone else who chimed in, too!

Finally, here’s the video where you can see how the actual game played out.

Longzhu made the choice to keep Khan’s Trundle in the bottom lane a little longer and ride the wave to the inner tower. They had to give up their mid lane siege because they feared a Teleport engage from Lissandra; they were probably unsure of whether there was a deep ward behind in that Lissandra could easily TP onto. (As a matter of fact, there was a lane ward near where the red tower would have been, so they were correct to be afraid.) However, after moving away from their siege, LZ split their decision: Cuzz moved towards blue buff while Gorilla moved towards the river for vision control and Bdd started rotating top to defend the tower. Because they didn’t move as a cohesive unit, and because they had no mid tower to back them up, LZ gained nothing from their brief window of mid priority. Crown used his minion wave and Ambition’s support to take the top lane tower.

Then Khan rotates out of bottom lane into the mid lane because LZ need to check for a Samsung Baron rush, Samsung easily collapse with Crown’s TP and CuVee’s Shen ult, and LZ are caught in a 5v5 — something their team composition is definitely not suited for. Samsung win the fight, take the Baron, and effectively end the game.

Courtesy of Shadow LoL, we can that in the 5 minutes following our screenshot, Samsung’s gold lead explored by an additional 7,200 gold. Here’s what the Deltas looked like between 24:05 and 29:31 (around the time from our snapshot until the end of the Baron buff):

To be clear, Longzhu didn’t really have any good options, but by moving indecisively they reduced made their already challenging situation even more difficult.

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