Jungle Hard Carries in the LCS

Image courtesy of @lolesports.

Dardoch dealt the most damage to champions for Team Liquid in their win against Dignitas earlier today, playing Nidalee and doing 31.2% damage share. That’s the second-highest Jungler damage share seen in the LCS so far in 2016, behind Rush’s 31.7% in Cloud9’s loss to Team Impulse.

Dardoch was just the 5th LCS Jungler to have his team’s highest damage share this year, and just the third to do it in a victory.

Svenskeren and Trick also had their teams’ highest damage, both playing Graves. Rush on Nidalee and Kirei on Graves had their teams’ highest damage, but in losses.

Jungle Carry Kings

Rush had his team’s highest damage share five times in 2015. That included three Evelynn games and two Nidalee games, and four of the five games were wins.

Jankos had the largest LCS Jungler carry performance of 2015 or 2016, with 38.2% damage share on Nidalee while playing Origen in Summer 2015.

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