Early-Game Objectives in the 2016 Meta

Every League of Legends offseason brings change, as Riot injects fresh ideas into their game. Among the changes introduced for 2016, Riot significantly rebalanced the role of objectives in the early game. They left the Dragon in the same state as 2015, but made sweeping changes to Towers and added a completely new objective in the form of the Rift Herald. More passive gold was also added into the game, making the early game move more quickly.

Common perceptions suggest that the Dragon has decreased in value, that the Rift Herald doesn’t have a clear role, and that Towers have become by far the most important early-game objective. But are those perceptions measurably true?

In the discussion below, I’ll present numbers around each of the three early-game objectives, compared to the 2015 season.

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For some additional insight into the ways that different teams are prioritizing each objective, check out the companion post.

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